Words Can’t Express How Grateful I Am

Today and each Wednesday for the next several weeks, we want to share some of our Thank You messages we get submitted almost daily because lives changed are FRUITS of what GOD has done! We have faithfully shared these with our partners but felt it was also important to share with each of you.

The first Praise and Thanks is from Dawn in Florida who is separated, she wrote and said:

Many thanks to the partners for this course; it has made a huge difference in my life. God led me to this ministry because He saw I was broken to the point of no hope for the future. I found peace and comfort in the literature because it is the Word of God. At that time, I couldn’t move forward, because sometimes the truth hurts, but the truth will set you free. There are so many women who have been abandoned by their mate that are in financial trouble because of the loss of financial support, so this free course to us is heaven sent. These words can’t express enough how grateful I am for this course and the relationship I now have with my Heavenly Husband. Thank You, Erin, for being so faithful and obedient to God and His will for you to help others.

I can’t express in words how the book How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage has opened my eyes to Bible truths. I would recommend it to every woman, even before marriage. I have been a Bible student for over 30 years and have conducted in home Bible studies through my church, but I still didn’t have the whole truth and nothing but the truth until now. I have learned so much about God’s love and will for my life. I have learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know, and I was led to make changes according to God’s standards and not the world’s. I now have a restored relationship with my first love–my Heavenly Father–and my true husband, Jesus.

I didn’t know I had a marital problem until I discovered there was an OW, and my EH left me for her after 33 years of marriage.I learned not to fight my EH, and I dropped everything and gave it all to God. I could not have made it if I hadn’t had had God’s Word through the love and support of this ministry. I have made so many changes. And the hate wall is down on both our sides.

I thank so much my Heavenly Father for rescuing me from self-destruction. You saved my life and gave me a hope for the future. You chose me to become the bride of Your Son Jesus Christ. You have made many changes in me, and I know how much You love me. I am willing to walk on water with You.

The next Thank You and Praise is from Cinthya in Guatemala who is Currently Divorced

I want to thank the partners who, through donations, were able to provide for all of us to receive my courses, each is foundational and extremely mind/heart changing. I loved each and every principle, and I praise the Lord that I was able to share these with some women as well. Thank You, Jesus, for providing these beautiful and faithful ladies, for them to donate here and thus help us gain knowledge and wisdom from Your Word! I am sure that your giving is being done out of love and kindness, but the Lord will surely bless you each so much for helping other women know more about Him through these courses. I love you 🙂

I loved this book–How God Can and Will Restore your Marriage–because this was one of the very first ones He led me to, and it is the one that made me realize how wrong I had been, leading me to also become a wiser woman for His glory! I am so grateful for Erin and all the wisdom He gave her to write this for all of us who perished for a lack of knowledge. It was through His Word that this book was inspired, and I will always recommend it to any woman I meet.

My marriage had been always founded on completely worldly ideas and philosophy, and when it crumbled, my heart was such a wreck that I googled “marriage restoration” one night while lying on the cold floor in despair. I found this ministry right when He had me at my lowest, but if I had found it even a week earlier, I would not have been open to such truth and principles. I can now look back and see how much different He’s made me from that poor girl chasing ghosts.

Thank You a thousand times over, my Love, for choosing me and for giving me a chance to find this ministry and to remain in it. I don’t want to go back to my old ways; please allow me to keep walking with You, to obey as You lead, to keep gaining knowledge by Your Word, and to help others, just as I received Your help. Thank You for loving me so much so as to give me hope and, now, such happiness I can hardly describe it. Thank You, my Love, for waiting for me, for patiently bringing me to a place where I could only look up to You, and now I cling to You, not in desperation, but like a woman in love. I am in love with You, and I only wish to fall more and more in love with You, until the day I finally get to see Your beautiful face and never let go!