You can be Lavished with Joy and Abundance

While reading and studying  “What Is the Abundant Life?” He has taught me to always put HIM first in my whole life. Before I only had head knowledge in having HIM as my first but my heart still longed for my husband. I still thought of ways to get closer to EH and had not developed intimacy with my HH. Although, until at this point, I still have not all of HIM in my life and I’m still far from getting intimate with HIM, my heart has been pining to get intimate with HIM and want HIM only. My heart had been wanting to remove my addiction to my EH and even remove him from my heart because I want my HH to be my first.

Dear Brides, you will never find a better Husband than your HH. However, there is no straight formula in finding HIM but your guidance and testimonies from others will help you get to the point of longing. The very first chapter of the course will get you started in finding your HH who is eagerly waiting for your so that you can be lavished with joy and abundance.

“For the LORD has called you, Like a wife forsaken and grieved in spirit, Even like a wife of one’s youth when she is rejected,’ Says your God… For your Husband is your Maker, Whose name is the LORD of hosts; and your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, Who is called the God of all the earth’” (Isa. 54:6–5).

This scripture has touched my heart as I have been wandering in my restoration journey for so long. I have always thought of my EH and always pursuing and longing him in my heart, only to be rejected and replaced by somebody else time and time again. I have not put it into my heart that my HH has always called me to be HIS BRIDE. I have not put it into my heart that joy and abundance are waiting for me if I only heed HIS call. Hence, this scripture reminds me of my stubbornness in not heeding His call. This scripture reminds me to accept HIS call and be HIS wonderful bride.

I have learned that the most important thing is our intimacy with our HH. And just like the book and course said, it feels lighter when I say that the Lord is all I want, all I need and all I live for. When I say these words, my hurts and fears are becoming lighter.

I will be living this principle of having intimacy with my HH, by always asking HIM every time I make decisions, offering my job and day to HIM, and to continue asking HIM to help me to get closer and intimate with HIM. I shall be uttering the words, “Lord, you are all I want, you are all I need and you are all I’m living for.”

Pray with me: Lord, my heart just wants to feel the joy unspeakable. I just want to be intimate with You and feel I have You as my Husband. Please help me to love You with all my heart and soul and remove my addiction to my EH. Remove my pains and fears every time I think of the divorce filed by my EH and remove my longings for him. Instead, replace it with my intimacy and love for You. Please Lord, hear my prayers. I want and need You in my life.

Dear Brides, I know that you are still hurting and probably still pining over winning your husband back. But, please know that pursuing your Heavenly Husband and being in love with HIM is the very first thing to do so that you will no longer go through the pains and fears caused by your marriage problems. You don’t have to pursue your husband, instead, pursue the Lord and experience joy and abundance amidst pains and fears.

 Finding the Abundant Life will walk you through making your life joyful and abundant amidst pains and fears. This book is very helpful if you want to foster intimacy with your Heavenly Husband.

~ Fidelma in Liloan