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♕ Today's Promise: "Children are an inheritance from the Lord, a reward he gives." Psalm 127: 3-5

From ~ Paula in Brazil

☊ PR Podcast Paula

My daughter turned 15 and here in Brazil we have a tradition to celebrate this date in a special way, because of the pandemic we had to postpone some plans, like a trip that has been in our hearts for some time.

But on the day, we were able to be together, celebrate this beautiful date and see my daughter happy and our family together is something I can never stop thanking! On these commemoration dates, so many "films" pass through our heads, don't we? Having my parents alive here by our side is something so wonderful and having earthly husband at home too, how can I not be moved! All of this only leads me to look at my Heavenly Husband and the Wonderful Father that He is for our children! \ o / \ o /

In addition to giving thanks for this beautiful date! I would also like to thank Him, for the gift that was my daughter giving the narration of the book "The desired horses of Tara" 🙂 As I write, my eyes are full of tears, thinking about this opportunity that she had and that I had to see you doing this for the Ministry and for God - above all! But, also for herself!

Making a narration is not an easy task, lol - many "comings and goings" are often necessary, and for a teenager this can be extremely frustrating! But, what I could see with my daughter was that she was determined and because she knew it was for our ministry and also because it was about Tara (who she had known personally), she always wanted to continue and redo it every time that it was necessary!

At the end of the narration I was very grateful! Grateful to my Beloved who gave us this opportunity to read so many promises and relate to what was narrated, after all, my daughter, me, our family (!!!) has been waiting for so many things, for the realization of so many dreams! Thankful that He put this "yes" in my daughter's heart so that she could narrate this very special book in the series His Princess - as she really is and has become every day!

I still don't know if the audio quality is good and if it can be used or not, but my joy in seeing my daughter doing the narration, reading and rereading the testimony of our dear Tara - all of this is what puts an open smile. on my face now and whenever I remember the hours we spent doing this together, thank you Dear!

Really, this was a beautiful gift from the Heart of Santa from Heaven for my teenage debutante and what I called "little flower" Unfortunately she already lives with many realities and as she grows up, the impression I have is that it seems that everything just it will get worse and my wish would be to keep it in a box, lol. But, thanks to the richness of the teachings of our ministry, I can feel the peace that I need to trust and put in Him the certainty of all the protection that it needs! He is our Protector!

I finish this praise report with a heart full of celebration and joy for the life of my little girl, I cannot help encouraging you who have teenage children and who may be concerned about their salvation at this moment, please remember what Erin says in the Salvation Stories course: "I just did as it says in the verse, I just stopped to see the Lord's salvation on behalf of our family, knowing that there were years, even generations of principalities that fought for her not to know Him, reason by which I knew that WE were not supposed to do anything, He alone would accomplish salvation!

May we be mothers encouraged and loved by the best Father our children could have! Much love to you!

"Children are an inheritance from the Lord, a reward he gives." Psalm 127: 3-5

"Nothing is impossible for God!!" Luke 1:37

"Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you what your heart desires." Psalm 37: 4

“In this battle you will not have to fight; stand, stand still, and see the Lord's salvation with you ... fear not, nor be dismayed, for the Lord will be with you. ” 2 Chronicles 20: 17

Paula is our Portuguese Ministry Pastor and Branch Director, for Português Team
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