Your Beautiful Plan to Attract Me

♕ Today's Promise: Psalm 68:20 “God is to us a God of deliverances; and to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death.”

Dear friend, today I have tears in my eyes and they are very happy, because every time I read a new book of this beautiful ministry, My beloved JESUS gives me new strength and hope! my faith grows through his love !! I bless you and I encourage you not to get tired of reading these books !! they have a lot of power of God in their pages! I love them!

I learned reading Salvation Stories, Week 4 I Want What You Have, that my HH never sleeps, He is always working in everyone's life, even when we do not know Him. He comes to us and many times we do not pay attention to Him, however, He does not stop blessing us! Today I realize that those times that I felt someone was talking to me to correct my worldly life was HE !! but I didn´t know him and many times I didn´t listen to that sublime voice that tried to help me, but thanks to his love, I got to know him and understand that he was always with me! it is so beautiful!!

I learned that every fight I must fight in obedience and faith prayer, and although everything gets difficult do not be afraid, because He always fights for me and gives me many victories! and every day I must surrender my struggles to Him.

This time I thought of my brother Christian, who is far from home, he lives in Italy, and today lives only because he separated from his wife and son, and his reality now is that he feels that GOD abandoned him and has no faith, it is more, I think he is angry with God, because he does not want to receive any words of encouragement, I ask my beloved HH to speak to his ears and show him that HE can fix his life, if he only surrender to the love that HH has for Him !! ... I know that one of these days I will be able to be close to my brother and I will share face to face everything HH did with me and my family, and how HE has built my home (which was totally destroyed) with His immense love, and I'm sure HH will talk and convince my brother that he needs to surrender to HH.

Soon I will be a witness of his beautiful conversion, and of a beautiful relationship that my brother will have with HH and I will cry of emotion for such a beautiful miracle of Salvation.

I will continue to apply each teaching of these beautiful books that fill my heart with hope and let me know that just as HH saved many relatives of ERIN, so will mine! and I love being part of these beautiful Salvation Stories because I'm sure that He allows me to be a little testimony to save many people that He puts near me. He is wonderful! I love him so much.

My precious love today I want to say thank you! for every minute of your love in my life, thank you for your patience to correct me and teach me how to live as you want! you are so good to me, I ask you, my love, keep transforming my heart according to yours, and help me to be an instrument of your love to save more lives, use me for your work, and guide my words, my thoughts, my actions ... cover me with your perfect love, and remove all fear from my mind, soul, and heart! that your beautiful love floods my whole being, fill me with love to pour out that love to all who need it, give me discernment to understand what you want to tell me through what you show me (dreams and visions).

I need more of you! I need your love like the air I breathe, you are more than indispensable for me! You are my main need, without you I am nothing! with You I feel complete! Thanks for the life of ERIN, if she had not known you, I would not have met you either! you planned everything step by step, and now I ask you to allow me to save many lives with your perfect Love! that love that you put in my heart and that is not fooled by anything or anyone! that love that pushed ERIN to continue fighting his battles of your hand, that perfect love that today pushes me to live depending on you!

Thank you for your beautiful plan to attract me to your arms, I am amazed at how you made this beautiful puzzle, being ERIN the first piece of the puzzle, which you used to finish putting together a perfect work YOUR "RMIEW" MINISTRY, my home, my salvation story, my new life, an Abundant Life full of beautiful episodes that were created through the testimony and teachings you gave to this beautiful woman, and my passionate and crazy love that makes me very radical to please your beautiful heart! I love you so much that I would not hesitate to climb with you to that cross and hug you so they do not hurt you ... thank you, beloved, thank you for everything, for everything, and for what will come, you are my greatest success! you are my life! You are my EVERYTHING and forever you will be!

"You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts." 2 Corinthians 3:2-3

This verse makes me feel happy! because I know that my beloved is confirming to me that his love is in me !!

~ Ziva in Peru
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