You’ve Finally Found the Right Path to Take

Praise God.

When you reach RMI and you have no job and you have found the truth and started reading the pages and put into practice the principles of the book Wise Woman and how God can and will answer restore …. then received prayer for a job and that was almost immediately afterward they hired me. That’s when you know you’ve finally found the right path to take.

At work every day, coming in early, the first thing I did was open the blog page, read my Spanish encourager and reading began reading my lesson for the day. I’d also read my devotional, my dear Streams in the Desert, but then my workday started and they called me to come and head up an activity. So I had to get up, leaving my workspace, and I forgot to close the page (it was now working hours) then several of my coworkers went to my office (because that’s where their team’s scanner and copier and printer are located), but then turned to stare at my computer and sat down to read something that I left open—it turns out that I was busy writing in my praise report.  That day in the parking lot my direct boss and one of the lawyers said they’d read the contents of something I was writing but no more.


I have spent months there and one of them asked me what I had, because I looked different and radiant. Earlier I’d talked to her despondent, callus, on the brink of tears. With tears in her eyes, she told me to give her what I had, to tell her what I was doing that day she read my computer. Then I found out that her husband had left her for an OW. I told her how sorry I was, and began explaining that when she first saw me very gaunt, depressed and losing weight and even declared that I knew I exuded misery, but how my HH changed all that to how I am radiant now.


So she now that she is going through the same she, too, wants to be recovered and restored like me— because she says she sees me always happy and smiling. HALLELUJAH. It is all due to the joy of my beloved Lord and HH. Now more and more and more I long to serve and learn how to care and supporting the women hurting who are all around me. I need to make Him the answer to every question


Thank God once again for what you each are doing through RMI and sharing how you are each traveling along your journey. Thank you for sharing your praise, and also that you for the life of Erin Thiele because I’ve always said that thanks to her listening and her obedience it’s what led her to help guide us through our disasters, and it’s how this ministry appeared that God created.


Acts 4:20 for we can not stop saying what we have seen and heard.

Psalms 30:12 Therefore, I will sing my glory, and be not silent. Lord my God, I will praise forever.

~ Tamar in Mexico