Our Spanish Ministry: AyudaMatrimonial.com

I’m the minister for the Spanish Ministry and want to THANK our PARTNERS for their financial support. Words cannot express the gratitude for all the support that is given to our Spanish speaking ladies. Starting small, the Lord continues to expand and grow the ministry and because of your support so many seeds are planted. The fruit is bountiful. So many materials have been translated and now available for the spiritual growth of the women who seek hope. Thank you for bringing hope to so many hurting women. The hope in finding TRUE LOVE and healing in our Heavenly Husband.

What’s New? I want to share this month how my HH has provided so many new Spanish translators. For some time I was doing most of the translating. This was not an easy task since Spanish is my second language. I learned to lean on Him in this area knowing I was far from capable and my Lord was so faithful. HE showed me that truly I “can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Now I am able to do so much more because He has brought faithful women to help and provide the material that is such a blessing.

Here is my Praise Report that I want you all to hear. I just needed to share how My HH has provided for the Spanish Ministry in ways that I had not imagined. I always had a desire to create videos for the Spanish women since Erin’s were in English. I tried several times to record my own videos, but since my Spanish wasn’t the best I would always get tongue tied. :)) I tried for weeks, then gave it to HIM! I prayed in His timing. Then next, after many YEARS of prayer, He provided women to translate and the videos are now available with subtitles in Spanish!

The most amazing thing is within this last year, He has called one of our Spanish members who has a restored marriage to start her own ministry called Restored by Grace. She is creating these wonderful videos for the chapters of RYM and WW books. She is amazing and I am so grateful how once again HE has provided a desire of my heart. And to let you know how much your support means to your ministry, I receive between 20 to 30 MEQ’s “Marriage Evaluation Questionnaires” each week. As I read them over my heart breaks, but I also have such a joy because I know that they are here to be transformed. So it is a blessing when I am able to write back to them and offer them Hope in such a dark situation.

All the glory and honor are HIS!!!! I have been a part of this ministry for so many years now and I know It is by His grace. Knowing that what I went through is being used to help so many women is beyond words. I don’t have all the answers but I do know that Having our HH as our first Love is truly all we need.

Dear friend, you may feel unworthy or incapable of being used by the Lord, sharing what you’ve gone through. We all feel unworthy or incapable but as we surrender our heart and life to Him, the only important thing is to be in His will. Listen and obey, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

~ Lota in Puerto Rico