Hello Future Translators & Proofreaders—
WELCOME to the RMI Translation Team!!

Our Translation History

God has been using volunteers to translate our books since 2001 when the Assemblies of God did our Como Dios Puede y ya Restaurar Su Matrimonio, our Restore Your Marriage book in Spanish.

Since that time God has done AMAZING things, as you can see on our www.RMILanguages.com—using women just like you to take their God-given skills and talents to be used by Him!! 



We want to be sure you WAIT to get your assignment from our Translation Team before beginning so you don’t wear yourself out by translating something that’s already been done. 🙂 

Secondly, we don’t want you to translate something incorrectly, nor do too much. We ask that you translate just ONE chapter or ONE lesson our Translation Team has assigned to you, then SEND it to Flmtd@rmiew.com, Translations@NRPH.org to notify us it’s done. Then be sure to wait for further instructions.   

  1. If your Language IS represented on our Language Site, then our translation team will assign you a short chapter or lesson or webpage to see how well you do — a chapter or lesson that has NOT yet been done. 

The books and lessons we have done, which you may like to redo, is often due to the dialect. What often occurs with our new translators is that each wants the books or lessons translated based on their dialect, or where in the world they live.

For instance, one of our current translators is French Canadian, yet our two main books, wRYM, and WW books were translated by a woman living in Switzerland, but she was originally from French Ghana. 

Each part of the world has a unique way of speaking and writing their language. Thankfully once it’s in a language, the dialect won’t matter since most of the books are Scripture, which doesn’t need to be translated. Instead, we use Bible programs, most are online at BibleGateway.com

  1. If you see your language is NOT listed on our Language Site. The way every new Language begins is by asking you to TRANSLATE just ONE chapter of a book (normally How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage or the men's Restore Your Marriage if you're a male) or lesson. This is basically how we conduct our online interview.
  1. If we already have our main book RYM translated, we'll assign you the next important resources that need to be translated. And oftentimes the easiest way is to work in a Google Document, which allows for collaboration. 
  2. If you have access to Microsoft Word and you are able to translate in that format, that’s also a great format! If neither works, you can simply send what you’ve translated in an email to Flmtd@rmiew.com, Translations@NRPH.org.
  1. We ask you to translate one paragraph, just below the English, then move to the next and the next. When possible, we ask that you always keep the same bold or italics making sure the same words Erin chose to stand out the way she intended.
  2. Please do NOT translate the Bible verses. Instead, go to BibleGateway.com or Yourversion.com to see if your language is represented, if not, search for an online version of the Bible in your language. Then simply copy and paste into the document.

What happens after you submit your translated work?

When the translation of the book or lesson is complete, it will pass through the proofread process. The proofreader will remove the English after the translation has been checked. Again, if you are the translator do NOT remove the English, simply translate after each paragraph. Thank You 🙂

Not ignorant of the enemy's schemes.

Lastly, though translating our books and website to your language seems so exciting–get ready for opposition!! The enemy will try and bring all sorts of things to stop you from the work the Lord has called you to do. In Nehemiah 4 when he was attempting to rebuild the temple, he faced a lot of opposition and how to overcome it. So take a moment to click on Nehemiah 4 and gain inspiration from it. We also have found over the years ways to avoid some of the enemy's common schemes, that 2 Corinthians 2:11 says we are not to be ignorant about.


I have to say that this was the best time of my restoration journey ever when i was translating RYM and WW, i have those time right in front of my eyes now and deep in my heart. I hope that women will follow His calling and will experience the same happiness, the same closeness and better understanding of all principles which are changing our lives. Because nothing is better than to read it in our mother language. ~Amalia

Wow!! Reading this has actually encouraged me as well. I also felt that I was not capable of translating but just like each of you I felt led to offer my assistance. It actually helped my relationship with my Mom because I asked her to help me proofread the RYM in Spanish for the paperback . She left my Dad about 15 years ago for a OM but the last couple years it appears God is working on restoring their marriage!! She now will say things like “the (RYM) book said….”. It is amazing the way He works :). ~Gina