HAPPY NEW YEAR sweet Brides!!

“How to Be Blessed this Year”

It’s been more than a dozen years since we first shared the principles of How to Be Blessed in the New Year. We haven’t always shared it, some years were missed, but we knew it was important to make this part of our blog and offer it each week to make this YEAR the BEST it's ever been.

Before we share the first principle, we want to lay the greatest and most SOLID foundation imaginable, and that is you make this year the year you really begin living with the most Loving Husband you could ever dream of having. These are lessons we’ve often used to help our ministers, and we hope that it helps you too!

Now, it’s on to the first principle in this series of How to be Blessed in 2020. And, since this is such an IMPORTANT principle (receiving our blessings or miracle from God), we plan to devote the next several weeks to this topic—taking us on and into March.

Much Love,
Your Ministry Team

How to Be Blessed this Year!!
Principle #5 "Lacking in Nothing!"
Principle #10 "Name Them One by One"
Principle #13 "Take Your Throne"
Principle #14 "Be a Doer"