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After we return...

⭐ EXCITING Message to HIS brides ⭐

Our Husband showed Erin (and I confirmed) that everyone on our Ministry Team deserved a "Mandatory Leave of Absence" from ADMINISTERING ❤️ in order to focus on ministering to each of YOU!!

The MLA is designed to be a honeymoon for OUR MTMs and the MTMs "FIRST LOVE" giving each more time to Minister on all of RMI websites He leads them to, and Who knows, GOD knows maybe He also will lead them to start their own Google or WordPress site. With Him, nothing is impossible, right? 🙌🏻

Won't that be wonderful to have our MTMs carefree for 30 days just to minister to YOU? What a blessing from Him! 💖

We trust that we all will enjoy this time with our Husband, and we are looking forward to seeing your Posted Praise and comments— getting to know you all as yourselves rather than MTMs.

PLEASE JOIN US in our excitement AND anticipation for what He has planned for us during and also AFTER these 30 days of honeymooning with Our Husband. 💗💗💗

WE'd LOVE to hear your comments. Already we're seeing excited MTMs running off to their honeymoons, some with tears in their eyes🥹