Closer to my Godchildren + LAL bride Ministering in Ghana

My holidays are coming to an end and next week I resume my work. I did not have the holidays that I imagined. I had asked the Lord to allow me to find a quiet place away from everything where we could spend time together and where I will have nothing else to do but worry about things that concern Him. Things have not happened as I wanted and to be honest, I really do not feel like I’ve been rested during these holidays.

The Lord did not take me to an idyllic destination, but He answered a prayer that I had addressed to Him a good while ago. I was raised in the tradition of the Catholic Church and I am the godmother of four girls. My conscience began to judge me some time ago because I knew that I had never before realized my responsibility to these girls. I had made the vow during their baptism to accompany them during my life on their way to the Lord, to be a kind of spiritual guide for them. (Today I wonder how I could have done it considering the state of my own relationship with God at the time and the fact that I am still learning myself!!). In short, I felt bad for having made a vow lightly at the time and above all, never to have kept it.

I begged the Lord to give me the opportunity to bring me closer to my godchildren and especially to grant me the grace to speak to them about Him. My Heavenly Spouse chose to grant my prayer during this holiday. I was able to spend time and get to know all three of my godchildren. I am happy with the experiences I had because I had never cared for a child in my life.

During my holidays, I took care of a one-year-old baby, a four-year-old girl and a 17-years-old girl. It was not easy. I was afraid to make mistakes, to be too strict and then too permissive. I was a little annoyed to see my space invaded (I just spent two years in the desert). I cooked more in two months than I did in two years :). But I am happy to have been able to get closer to my godchildren. I’m happy to have got to know them. I am particularly happy to have been able to introduce my 4-years-old godchild to prayer and to be able to talk to her about all that Jesus could be in her life. I’m happy that she understood that she could trust Him and that He was the source of everything (even if the things she asked Him the most were new shoes and also pretty dresses 🙂 :).

Thank you very much, Lord Jesus, for all that You have given me. Thank you for that favour that I almost did not appreciate because things were not going as planned. Thank you for fulfilling the desires of my heart.

“Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37: 4-5 KJV

~ Eliza in Cameroon
French Translator

LAL Bride Ministering in Ghana

This is my story about Ghana.  

A few years back I was invited to attend a church in south-east London. I met the founders who have a great vision about serving their poor community in Kasoa, Ghana (Gift of God). They built a university and a clinic to serve their community. A volunteer programme was created a few years ago to provide a real life-changing experience for individuals to engage with the locals and be part of educational and health programmes.

I went to Ghana for one week to volunteer in a community called Kasoa. It has a population of roughly 44000 (World population review, 2018).

Why did I go to Ghana?

The testimonials from two friends inspired me. God spoke to me last year about it.  Unfortunately, I was not able to go. My father had a cardiac arrest. My mum had to do CPR to try and resuscitate my dad, but unfortunately, we lost him. The Lord spoke to me to teach Basic life support that includes recovery position, choking, CPR. Hence my trip to Ghana to teach CPR to the underprivileged for free.

I thank and praise Jesus for giving me this opportunity to make a difference to the people around us. He showed me how small my problems are in the grand scheme of things. I was able to gain a whole new perspective on life and how we have to seek God daily. Most wake up every day and make plans without involving God. I have never seen people who are content with life and how the community support each other. I went to the hospital in Buduburam, the Gomoa district in the central region of Ghana, 45 minutes away from Accra. Buduburan is a refugee camp that was established in 1990 with a population of 42000 refugees. This humbled me.

Galatians 6:2 “Bear ye one another burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”  (KJV)

God is awesome and is undeniably great.  No one comes close to my Beloved Jesus. While I was in Ghana, He showed me how this community praises Him. They ministered to each other and studied the Bible.

Another Small report from Cali

I have an interesting story to share about the yellow fever vaccine. I had a yellow fever vaccine about 5 years ago when I went to Nigeria.

This time around I lost the card to prove that I had it. I went a day before my flight to get another one. When I arrived in Ghana I was told I could not enter the country because I had to get the vaccine 10 days before traveling. I was pulled to one side and asked to pay £20!!!

This is not allowed for staff to ask for money, eventually, I was let in without paying anything. What stunned me was a poor research student from USA was asked to pay 100 US dollars for the same thing, he called the Ghana embassy and there was a lot of shouting. Then a revelation hit me, the devil will accuse God’s people of doing the right thing. When we have no one to defend us as mankind, we must call on Jesus to be our lawyer.

Not only was the lady who demand the money humiliated for asking for a bribe, the Ghana embassy was informed. God sent his only son Jesus to fight our battles, but He will go to God to seek counsel about us.

Cali was one of the Brides Tara and Sara meet during the LALTour in London, just like Tara and Sara are in their individually Journey, Cali is also going to where He called her. AND Tara will be returning to London and is excited to meet with Cali again.

On December 1st you will get to read Cali’s RMT \o/
Walking in Circles until I Finally Gave Up

Look what the LORD has done!!

Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!