Double Blessings for My Sins?!

As a fellowship member, I’ve been going through Erin’s Weekly Messages and this week’s message was such an answer to my prayer I had to submit a praise report! I have been SG and crying out to Him for help for such a long time. There’s no doubt that I came to this ministry by the Holy Spirit’s leading. I was broken, unashamed and abandon. But, I fell in love again with “My First Love” my HH, Lord, Savior, Redeemer, Strenght, My Rock, Provider, and Spiritual Leader. I didn’t understand why I continuously thought about my past mistakes. Oh, but God!! After going through this lesson I realized I am remembering so I can help and encourage other women. That if confess to God, then we’re forgiven and also blessed doubled. That if confess to God, then we’re forgiven and also blessed doubled when we ask Him. When I began reading and it said:

This week I want to talk about an even more troubling situation when women have put themselves in harm’s way. Therefore, it’s not as easy to be set free as those who couldn’t have known, and this is exactly where the enemy will torment you. What hope is there for women who are not completely innocent? Such as women who may drink or who have put themselves in harm’s way or when they chose to be alone with a man, knowing that they actually sensed there was any danger? In other words, they should have known. Is there hope for women who are partially or even fully to blame?

Nowhere in the world, nor in the flesh can we receive double for anything! I now have the courage to tell as many women I find what a blessing to be His bride. He comforted me, He’s patient with me, He never forsakes me, His lovingkindness is neverending, I can cry out to Him and He doesn’t ignore me. He strengthens in my weaknesses!

My sisters, trust your HH every minute of your journey and simply let go of your church so you can submerge yourself on all the teachings that can change your life. I have more intimate time with HH that I ever received in hours and hours spent going to my church. Now it’s the Holy Spirit who is my Teacher and my HH is my Spiritual Leader. Now that I am a Restoration Fellowship Member,  how I spend my Sundays is far different than doing anything “religiously.” Even though I was once part of our church’s worship team and I used to minister singing and playing, I no longer miss it. I sing constantly, sing love songs, and often I’m overheard and people ask why I am singing all the time. That’s when I am able to share that each love song is reserved for Him because that’s why I am so happy. More often than not, I’m asked to explain and that’s when I share my testimony with them of my husband leaving me but finding a love I never imagined.

Dear bride, don’t be afraid to let it go, you will learn from Him alone and be given opportunities to share His love with so many due to the Joy that explodes from you!

~ Regina

Blind to What I was Doing