No Matter What My Eyes Are Seeing

♕ Today's Promise: “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine." Song of Solomon 6:3 

☊ PR Podcast Marta

Hello Dear Brides!!

I would like to share for encouraging you what the Lord is doing for me and His Name to be magnified.

I told in my last Praise Report about the unexpected visits of my ex-earthly husband to our home a few weeks ago, I also said that it seemed that things were bitter on the other side, but that I had my eyes on the Lord...Well, my beautiful Husband wanted to confirm to me once again that He is in control of everything, and that in His appointed time He will give me the victory of a restored marriage, in His name.

Since I started my journey, I was encouraged to leave social networks, and I also made a point of not having the ex-earthly husband phone number on my phone, letting go of everything in my heart. Well, what happens is that one day my daughter got a call from her father and I didn’t realize it was through video, so one day later I was going through the phone and I saw the photo of the ex-earthly husband and the other woman, and I confess that it bothered me and that day I cried a lot with the Lord. I even came to share with my dear friends from the ministry what happened, that even though I was very upset and cried a lot, He in immense love gave me a peace to my heart and I was able to thank Him for always supporting and embracing me, even when I'm so flawed...

So, after it my ex-earthly husband came to unexpected visits, in the week that would be our daughter's birthday, he was in our home for two days straight participating in everything at home. He bought the cake to our daughter, and on the day of the birthday he came and stayed all day at home, we could see a movie and we had a wonderful family day.

Other day, on Sunday he had to go back to the state where he now lives, and when it was on Tuesday he called to tell us that he was going back to our city again and if I could pick him up at the bus station in another city, because it is quite far from where we live.

I picked him up, left him at his mother's home, and in the afternoon, he came to our house to talk to me.

Dear brides, I knew something was wrong, but I didn't think it was what he came to talk to me about. Yes, sweethearts, he asked to come back home, said that he can't stand living away from his family, that he can't sleep, that he didn't know what was going on, but that if we accepted him, he would go home. This has happened after 6 years divorced and married with other woman.

I was able to just stay silent, let him speak, but inside I was grateful to Him for this great miracle He was doing in my life and in my family.

I am not sure how our future will be, since he had to return to the other state because of the work, because the company cannot send him away, because of agreements, but what I do know is that the Lord is working, I know that He will do it in an appointed time.

We just have to wait and continue to trust, without ever double-mind, because HE who started the good work is faithful to finish it. I know that ex-earthly husband left the other woman, is living in a flat, and his messages to us every day are loving and passionate, saying that he loves us and misses us a lot.

What I want to encourage each of you is to never give up, never stop having faith in Him, because even though I believed in the restoration of my marriage, with eyes I could only see myself living a single life with my daughter, but today He reaffirmed to me that no matter what my eyes are seeing, with Him we can do all things, and that I am safe with Him and that He will never abandon me nor let me down.

I love you, My Beloved. YOU are my everything I want and need to stay happy and radiant forever.

“I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine." Song 6:3

~ Marta in Brazil
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