Our Lives are the Greatest and Loudest Form of Communication

When I read Erin’s Weekly Lesson “Preachy” it helped me to really see how so many times I was preachy and was not really turning anyone toward the Lord in love.

I remember a time when my Pastor at the time would tell us we needed to go out and witness and I never heard about speaking to anyone in love or allowing your inner light to shine it was always like we had to attack the person and tell them they were going to hell. I remember many times sitting in church and thinking up how I was going to let certain people know in no uncertain terms how they where not measuring up.

I remember a time when my family used to say they hated to see me coming! But now because I walk in HIS love and many times never say a word, I see my entire family is now drawn towards me because my anger and judgment no longer causes people to run.

I am so grateful this lesson it helps to remind me to really allow my HH to teach me to walk in his ways which means walking in love.

Truly enjoyed this lesson “Preachy” and also taking the Salvation Stories Course. 

My favorite part is when Erin said, “Most people, especially someone who is in sin, does NOT want to be told what to do. This is common in the churches and in the world. Instead, He says that we are each to be an Epistle [a letter or form of communication] read by all men. In other words, our life needs to be what they read about us—how they see us live our lives.

Nevertheless, it’s foolish to think, for one second, that living a self-righteous life or religious life will make anyone want to follow you or ask your advice or be open to anything you say. Instead, people in sin will ONLY feel drawn and come to you when you’ve exhibited unconditional love and a non-judgemental attitude towards them and everyone else.” My life proves this to be true. Since this time more of my family is coming to me, asking me to pray for them, so I do just as Erin shared and stop right there and pray. What a change has happened in my family. THANK YOU DEAR HH. May I never forget that our lives are the greatest and loudest form of communication!

~ Paloma

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