The Clue for Protection

I am too excited to submit my first praise report 🙂 I want to give all praise to my HH for all He’s done for me during this journey. Not only He has provided for me and my daughter financially, but He has done great changes within me that I don’t even recognize. I can’t describe in words the peace, joy, and freedom I feel every day of my life, but I can tell you that this is real and that you should experience it yourself because is amazing.

I heard this morning on the Christian radio station these words “Fear to GOD is fear to nothing” which totally hit me because in my life it is so true. Don’t take me wrong, I do fear, I believe it is part of the journey, but because I have found my identity in HIM and I know who I am in HIM, the fear goes away quicker.

This BE Video I see made me understand that joy, provision and everything else comes from the Lord, that not matters how the situation looks like, the LORD is in control and that I have to praise Him every time a trial shows up because that is the way to drive evil away.

At the beginning of my separation over a year ago, I was so afraid of being alone, of the responsibility to pay bills and be in charge of every financial decision in my life and in my house. I did not think I was making enough money to take over the whole responsibilities in the house, and I believed I needed my EH to survive.

Today, I am a walking testimony that GOD is so faithful and true to His word that I have no words to say how good HE is! HE does provide and in a supernatural way. I praise the Lord every day for everything He has done in my in life during these trials, not only for the change He has done within me but for the financial blessing I have received when I less expected.

Just shortly after my husband left, I got a promotion at work and my salary was increased, giving me more income to take care of house and daughter. By that time I had decided to tithe not matter how bad the situation looked.

Well, applying this principle has been the clue for the protection of my house and my finances. Sometimes when I check my budget and see I will be in red, from somewhere comes the exact amount of money I need to meet our needs (even from my husband). I even have been able to pay off debts in record time, same debts that I was expecting to pay off in 4 years time, isn’t GOD good?? And also I have been able to help my family back home, which it has been another huge blessing to my life.

Lately, I have been helping my EH out financially which has been a surprise to him who does not understand where the money is coming from, and the best part of this is that my tithes have never been compromised because GOD is faithful.

At the beginning of my separation my EH found out that I was tithing because my bank account was still connected to his name, so when he asked me I could not lie. I never ask him for permission, but he made sure I understood how He was thinking, so he made a big deal of it, saying that how I could give my money to a pastor and make the pastor rich, while my family back home was struggling financially. I know he was not going to be OK with this, but since he never said don’t tithe I just keep doing it.

So the number of blessing are innumerable and my JOY is even bigger.

This financial issue has been a big process on my letting go, I used to be so worried about money, now I know all I need GOD will provide.

“God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28).

This verse has been very important in my restoration journey. Every time I see something I don’t understand, I go back to remember this verse, because GOD always turns thing around and makes things work for our good. In the particular case, He uses, or he causes a situation that could be stressful, to a problem solve for one of my financial needs. Only God could it have done it this way. HIS humor sense is unimaginable.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matt. 6:33)

During these trial, I have understood that our JOY, Peace, love, and everything must come from the LORD and that when you are focused on HIM only, He will take care of the rest. Even though at the beginning of my journey I was so worried about my needs, now because I want to be close to Him every day I have no fear because I know He will take care of me and the desires of my heart.

~ Carolina in Canada