🇧🇷Portuguese YouTube Channels🇵🇹

Hello ladies! I would like to share with you how the Lord has blessed the lives of many women who have Portuguese as their language through our Youtube channels 🙂

The Ajuda Online para Casamentos channel already has more than 700 subscribers and the channel of our dear Minister Marta already has more than 600 subscribers!!!

Marta has her heart fully set on ministry, encouraging and spreading His love to so many women.
Please follow her on her YouTube channel and watch one of her 🎙️ podcast. We are so glad to share it with you today!!!


3 thoughts on “🇧🇷Portuguese YouTube Channels🇵🇹”

  1. This is magnificent and very timely. I’ve been asking my husband how he wants us to find and bring more women to the ministry from outside the ministry (that, I suspected was through social media platforms).
    What I wanted to ask is if in the beginning or at the end of each and EVERY video (and making sure there is a link to the blog where the original video is posted) there is a type of “commercial” if you will.
    Even though a commercial is normally trying to sell some thing, we are in fact, “selling” woman on having the perfect Husband and experiencing his love so they can live the abundant life 💗💗💗 and of course it cost no money.
    So just like other podcasts inserting the commercial in the beginning or end or even the middle—just KEEP IT very very very short.
    The PTG have always led the way in things like this so I’m excited to see a platform like EW BLOG to feature them.

  2. Wow, this is amazing!!! Praise the Lord for the amount of susbcribers that you have!!!! Marta you have a special way to explain the reosurces, what a blessing!!!
    I am so happy fo all the PTG ladies that are being fed!!! 😍😘🥰
    I enjoy the Podcast by using the subtitles!!! What a blessing to be able to use this tool!!
    Amazing Marta!!
    Go PTG!!

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