A Perfect Day with my Beloved

Dear brides,

I want to give all praise and honor to Him who loves me so. My Husband took me for a walk today. It's almost evening and I feel reborn. I have been waiting for such an intimate day. And then end the day with Him. I feel embraced in his loving arms https://eeuwigdurendeliefde-nl.com/zijn-bruid/. Because Dear Brides, the past few weeks have been full of busy moments, trials, struggles. That even after all the years of being on my recovery journey, the enemy has tried to tempt me to think about loneliness. What would that mean for my future? I am asked more and more often whether I would like to have a boyfriend or husband again and even though I say that I have no need for someone here on earth because he cannot give me everything I need. Is the enemy still there to alert you to the fact that there is no one physically next to you. No one who loves you, wants to share the love with you. My Beloved πŸ’ž has shown me that He is more than anyone or anything. He loves me more than anyone else. https://www.bible.com/nl/bible/1990/JER.31.3.HSV It was a great day. With Him next to me I can say that after all the past weeks I can still laugh and look forward to the future with hope. Today was the start of this. For some time now I have had the desire to spend even more time with my Loved One πŸ’ž in a different way than at home. I find it very exciting to go places alone. Still afraid that I will do something wrong. So that I will find myself in a situation where I don't know what I should do. Fortunately, this is where I learned that He leads me https://loveatlast.org/living-lessons/week-19-he-leads-me-gps/Β and I can follow with confidence. But I have also learned that He will let me go further step by step. After all, I am safe in his hand. He has answered this longing prayer. He gave me a nice pair of walking shoes. To have had our first walking afternoon together. It was delicious. While writing this praise, which I started writing yesterday, I enjoyed a nice slice of Cake 🍰 and a cup of coffee β˜•. The day ended with a table for One https://loveatlast.org/alive-ll74/.

He has been with me all day. I felt free to talk to Him about anything that came into my heart. We went shopping together and while I walked with Him, I never once felt bothered to think that He might have wanted to do something else or found it annoying to listen to my talk. Isn't that wonderful to have a Husband who accepts you completely without expecting anything in return because He knows you. It is now the next morning. I'm still very happy with my Lover πŸ’ž and can't wait for the next time I will have a date with my Husband. I want to encourage all of you to begin longing for this Man who is everything you need to truly happily experience the abundant life 🀩.

Lots of love

Encouraging Women!!

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7 thoughts on “A Perfect Day with my Beloved”

  1. beautiful testimony Kristine!!!! I like to spend time with Him alone, I like when my earthly husband goes on a trip and I can be with Him all the time without distractions, I enjoy it so much while we eat together, while I listen to Him because in this relationship it is He who speaks the most, I like to listen and my strong point is not really speaking, I am very quiet. The enemy constantly accuses me of this, so reading you say “Isn’t that wonderful to have a Husband who accepts you completely without expecting anything in return because He knows you” reminded me that He knows how I am and what things He wants to change in me, I should not worry about anything because I am His work, and He knows very well how to make the vessel that He needs. How much love overflows in my heart as I feel His love and acceptance for me again. Thank you for sharing dear ❀️

  2. Thank you for sharing this very beautiful testimony precious Kristine. It is for sure very wonderful to have a Husband who accepts us completely, that has been so life changing to me, because for so many years I tried to change myself to make an earthly man happy and now I don’t have to try so hard to change myself and fail so many times (like previously), because apart from Him I can do nothing and He is doing the change in me.

  3. Dear Kristine, thank you for sharing❀️ It’s really true how we can feel dispair and lonely, as women we really need a Man by our side – and we are so lucky because He was the One longing for us since the eternity- “The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: β€œI have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”
    Women can feel lonely even with a husband by their side, because only Him can fulfill the emptiness and any kind of lack we all have inside and then we can shine 🌟 and feel special and truly loved❀️‍πŸ”₯
    There’s something that helps me to think of Him as my Lover, that is something Michele shared with us – having a love song: https://loveatlast.org/his-bride/love-songs/ – You prayer, Kristine, led me to this one that says: ” All my life I prayed for someone like YOU…” and I can’t stop singing for Him, the Man of my dreams πŸ’˜

  4. Dear Kristine, thank you for your sharing.❀️‍πŸ”₯
    This same situation happened to me a few days ago, people asking me if I’m not going to get married again, that God didn’t create me to live alone. But with a lot of love I could just smile, and say that I’m not alone, I have the best Husband, and He is the one who doesn’t leave me alone, and it never even crossed his mind to abandon me. Isn’t that amazing? Yes dear Kristine, “HE is more than anyone or anything, and he loves me more than anyone else will ever love me!!!

  5. Thank you, Kristine, I also used to get that question a lot, but they stopped asking because they always got the same answer; “I have a Heavenly Husband and I do not need another man”. But the enemy do want to remind that we are lonely and with nobody who loves us, but we can just shake it off because we have the best Husband ever. As Paula also said, you can be married and still be lonely, I’ve experienced that plenty of times in my marriage and that is just sad. The “loneliness” I experience now, do not even come close, because although it might look like I am alone, I never feel lonely because my Husband is always with me and He fills my heart with His love and surround me with His presence.

  6. Wow That’s wonderful. Thank you Kristine. I have been longing for a date we my Beloved too. I have been also quite busy, I even had to say sorry to Him, because I was not having quality time with Him, not even time for Him. I used to have a date with my beloved quite often , like honeymoon, I miss them a lot. It is really the best. I have asked Him when we can have a special date day to, then I will share it too. Very uplifting! Thank you for sharing

  7. Querida Kristine, muito obrigada por seu louvor!! O inimigo tambΓ©m tentou o inimigo tentou me fazer pensar na solidΓ£o. Estou maravilhado pela forma como nosso Amado nos conecta e fala aos nossos coraçáes!! Obrigada querido, por renovar em meu coração que eu nunca estou sozinha e que precisamos desfrutar de mais momentos sΓ³is para nos aprofundarmos em nosso relacionamento!! VocΓͺ nΓ£o me quer no raso, mas no mais profundo do Seu Amor!!
    Dear Kristine, thank you so much for your praise!! The enemy also tried to make me think about loneliness. I am amazed at the way our Beloved connects us and speaks to our hearts!! Thank you dear, for renewing in my heart that I am never alone and that we need to enjoy more sunny moments to go deeper into our relationship!! You don’t want me in the shallows, but in the depths of Your Love!!

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