A Wise Woman in Waiting 💛 New Chapters Under Construction!!

My Husband was faithful to fill the VOID I have purposely left vacant so that HE would fill it with HIS plan, time that I now have because we have our amazing and anointed LMF owners doing 99.99999% of all the ministering, especially THANK YOU, DARLING —the administering!!

What a pleasant surprise that He led me to discover there were 3 chapters not yet revised in order to complete our A Wise Woman in Waiting book.

A Wise Woman in Waiting 💛

Where He led me to begin was “Opening Heaven”

For those of you who’d like to translate this for your LFM, it does not need a building permit as long as you are using this resource, bridged to the source, on your blog. However, I ask that you WAIT and renew your strength for me to read through the portion I’ve revised at least once or twice. I promise to keep you posted. DONE! Feel free to translate and post the section above

🚧 Below is not yet revised and directly from A Wise Woman. Thank you for your prayers and patience.

7 thoughts on “A Wise Woman in Waiting 💛 New Chapters Under Construction!!”

  1. This is so encouraging!!! I want this so bad for Bethia!!! A few days ago she was asking for something to read according to her age!!! I am o happy that the Lord is guiding her through these teen years!!

  2. This is wonderful news!! I have been waiting for this resource for a long time. My Beloved has undoubtedly renewed my strength several times during the wait. His timing is perfect and I’m excited about what he’s doing now.

  3. J’aimerais avoir une personne qui me soutiens dans mon chemin vers la restauration. Ma situation est très difficile mais je sais que dieu peut tout.mais avec les faiblesses de la chair c’est difficile surtout que je ne partage ma situation avec personne seulement avec dieu.alors quand les faiblesses de la chair m envahissent je suis désespérée

  4. GOOD NEWS… the NEW chapter is done AND a new way to potentially share lessons with small bites! Each THURSDAY for the rest of June:

    June 8
     ⏰ Quick 4-minute read

    June 15
    The Powerful Principle of Tithing
     ⏰ Quick 4-minute read

    June 22
    Wise Investments
     ⏰ Quick 4-minute read

    June 29
    Put into Practice
     ⏰ Quick 4-minute read

    1. PTL!! I would like to share these ENG links with the ESP young wise women, how could I obtain a journal for the ladies who don’t speak English? I would like to encourage them to journaling.

      1. Each LNG should be creating their OWN website form. Be sure to have Janine AFR help you keep it short and simple.

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