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~ Mercy in South Africa says her greatest joys and greatest convictions came when she learned truths from RMIEW that she had never known before. She suddenly became very aware of her sin and realized that her love and desire to be His Bride were far more important than the things of this world and she says, “That is what I live for now!” 

Mercy is currently a Subcontractor working for again in our Translations Team.


What brought you to RMIEW? 

In 2006 when my then fiancée broke off our engagement I sought help to restore the relationship. Not knowing that it was not a relationship that I should have sought to restore but it should have been the relationship with my covenant husband. I returned to RMI in 2014 reading the Daily Encourager. At the beginning of 2015, I felt an urge to pursue the Lord more diligently and then started the lessons in the middle of 2015. It was only then that I fully realised that God can and will restore my marriage.

How did God change you as you sought the LORD wholeheartedly? 

It started with little things like swearing, I completely stopped swearing. I became more tolerant of my mother. I became more submissive under authority, living under my mother's roof, I began obeying her rules. I became more aware of how I spoke, what I was saying. I even changed the way I dressed, dressing more conservatively. I became aware of the people I was spending time with. I completely let go of my church, Facebook. I started spending more time reading the Word. Listening to worship music. I was just aware of the Lord and didn't want to do anything to grieve the Spirit. I became aware of sin in my life and did everything through Him to eradicate it.

What were the most important principles that the Lord taught and revealed to you that made the most impact on your life during your Restoration Journey? 

Being double minded. You cannot be in the world and serve God at the same time. You can be of the world but not live in the world. Being humble was another thing, not always wanting the last say. Especially when I knew I was right. I had to rely on the Lord being the vindicator. Listening to His promptings, I had to learn to stop and listen before I said or even did anything.

What would you say were the most difficult times that the LORD helped you through? 

I had a problem with alcohol. The Lord helped me overcome this sin, by allowing calamity after calamity to happen when I drank. He was busy chastising me. It was difficult because I was hurting the people I loved, and I was hurting Him. When I realised how much I needed Him every minute of the day, and I couldn't do that when my mind was in a toxic state. I realised that my love and desire to be His bride was far more important. And through His love and grace, I am now delivered.

What was the “turning point” of your Restoration Journey? 

Although I did not start this journey with restoration in mind, I was seeking Him. The turning point came when I realised that no matter what happens, I will do what He has purposed for me. Nothing else matters, no-one else matters only Him and the plan He had for me since the beginning. That is what I live for now. And I know that He has a purpose a special plan for me.

Tell us HOW it happened? Where were you? How did you feel?

I was talking to a friend in the gym, we are both worshippers of God, and he too has an intimate relationship with the Lord. As I began to speak about the journey that I am on and the circumstances that I am in, being basically down and out as they call it, I realised that I have everything I want and everything I need in my HH. I told him how content I was just living under His grace as I was just sharing with my friend my eyes started to well up, I was filled with so much love and thankfulness of how He lifted me from the dirt so much higher than I ever thought possible.

Would you recommend any of our resources? Resources that helped you come to this turning point. Which resources helped you the most? 

My greatest joy and greatest conviction came from doing my RRR online courses. I truly learned truths, I had never known before. Each and every lesson I sat in amazement of what God is telling us. How He wanted us to live. The simplicity of living the life we were meant to. And the repercussions when we don't. The scripture and the way it was explained just blew my mind. It was there that I learned for the first time about covenant marriage. What adultery truly meant and I wept because I didn't know. My mind was opened to a new world. A world that I desperately wanted to be part of. I highly recommend that you do the courses. Each and every course. As well as all the resources that are available. Read each and every book you can lay your hands on from Encouraging Bookstore. Read the Encourager. Read the weekly lessons from Restoration Fellowship. Read the Praise Reports when you feeling down.

What would you like to say to a woman who is reading your BIO, helping encourage her:

Dear sister in Christ, the greatest encouragement I can give you is to let go, let go of anything and everything and cling to Him alone. Don't be anxious or feel neglected when You are alone. Take this time to learn more about this wonderful man our God.

Finally, what would you like to say, another form of encouragement, to leave women with, in conclusion? 

You are not alone, you may feel the most lonely at this moment then you have ever felt in your life. But He is so near to you right now. All you need to do is to cry out to Him. Let Him direct your steps ..every step. And when you fall He will lift you up each time. He heals the brokenhearted. The joy is that He will not only heal, but He will also restore all that the devil stole from You. If You will heed to His voice. He will then grant You the desires of your heart. And don't be surprised if those desires change as you are formed to His image. Read the Word. Sing to Him, He loves to hear our praises.

READ more about Mercy in her Encourager Praise Reports below:

“The Honeymoon Suite!!”

My eldest daughter is getting married next month. And my room was booked, then there was a mix-up and my room was given to someone else. The hotel rectified the error by giving me the other available honeymoon suite. PTL I am truly his bride !!!

“For as a young man marrieth a virgin, so shall thy sons marry thee: and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee” Is. 62:5

“Speaking Directly to Me”

As I read the praise report from Candy in Indiana, Tuesday, November 24, 2015 “Listening & Obeying”, and it was as if my HH "Heavenly Husband" was speaking directly to me. I also have been struggling with alcohol addiction which has even recently brought shame upon myself and my family once again. I have on numerous occasion prayed and pleaded to my HH to deliver me from this sin. As I figured if He can do it for someone else surely He will do it for me, seeing that it has caused me so much heartache and pain in the past.

I came to the realization after reading the report that God wants us to obey Him, He does so much for us, why can't we do the little that He asks of us. Therefore thank You my HH for all that You do for me, I pray that You give me the strength to obey You in this. I love You.

“He Made a Way to Tithe”

By reading FAL chapter 9 “Give” I learned to trust my HH and to ask Him what He wants me to do. And mostly to obey, when He says give, even if it means giving your last cent when you don't have anything left, that's when He blesses you more then you can ever think or imagine. I confess I rarely take time out to sit and ask of my HH what he wants me to do with my money after I have tithed, now I do.

I was struggling with what to do with my money after I had tithed, thinking that I can now just do what I want because I had done my part. Little did I realize that everything belonged to Him even that which is left over, and to go to my HH and ask Him how He wants me to spend what is left. Thank You my HH for opening my eyes to see this. I so love You … and I also want to thank Him for making a way for me to tithe. Living in South Africa, when I wrote to RMIEW Office they to explain the problems I was having, they put me in touch with Yvonne who lives in South Africa too and now I know the devourer will be rebuked and I will be able to get the blessings He has rather than them being stolen.

“Wow!! I Did Not Know That!!”

When I started the lessons in June 2015, I was not prepared for the awakening, I was not prepared for the immense truths I started to learn. There were times that I would literally sit in front of my computer after reading a specific lesson that I would say, wow I didn't know that! As the lessons progressed I felt embarrassed as I wasn't tithing. It wasn't because I had an obstacle, it was due to the fact that I am unemployed. I started praying to God, and He knew my heart.

I was visiting my daughter in Cape Town in October of 2015 and there I got to have an amazing visit with my father with whom I didn't really have a relationship. That visit resulted in my father and daughter blessing me with money before I left to come home, all in all, R3000 which is a lot here in South Africa. When I returned home I wanted to tithe and tried to use the systems as provided by RMI but to no avail, every attempt I made failed! I then approached a friend of mine who was going to make the deposit for me into a bank account of one of our South African ministers, (there wasn't that particular bank in the vicinity where I lived) and she would then tithe on my behalf. When he arrived and asked what the money was for and I told him, he refused to do it for me and said I was being stupid and wasting my money! So then it just happened that this minister had another bank account at the same bank I was banking at, an account that she wasn't using but that was still open PTL!! Eventually, she got the money and tithed on my behalf. (Thanks Yvonne in South Africa). It was then that God blessed me with more money given to me by my brother, a gift, so I was able to tithe once again.

Ladies this may not seem much to any of you, but to me, it meant that I was finally able to give back. Give back something for what I had received. And to obey, the biggest lesson was to obey. I cannot properly explain how radical my life has changed since I started obeying. The blessings through the lessons, the blessings through answered prayer, the blessings through improving rocky relationships. Try it and see!!!

“Don’t Have the Covering”

Back in 2006 before I joined RMI when my adulterous engagement ended, and I, this broken woman was SG "Seeking God", I turned to a male colleague of mine. A man who I knew was a believer and most importantly a man that knew how to pray. I sought him out because I thought he would be the one to help me, through the power of prayer, get my fiancée back. I thought I wasn't a good enough Christian that I could do it myself. Well needless to say I wasn't a good enough Christian, I was seeking God's hand and not His face at the time. Also, I was seeking restoration for a relationship that was founded on adultery, as I had left my husband for this man.

So thus began our lunchtime get-togethers where my male friend would minister to me, pray for me, and comfort me. This continued for months. As time progressed he suggested giving me hugs, as I was really in mourning. I did not see anything wrong with it at the time, and it was comforting. I soon realised that as the hugs grew longer that there was more to it than meets the eye. I felt warned in my spirit and I had made an excuse and ended our lunchtime sessions.

So now very recently I reconnected with this friend who has now moved to another province, and we discussed what had happened those years ago. He confessed that he did have feelings for me and that he wanted things to go further. He is and was a married man at the time.

So, ladies as Erin explained, we cannot get involved with another man to try and minister to or to be ministered to. Remember we don't have the covering when our husbands are not with us. I am so grateful that God spoke into my spirit and I did the right thing. The enemy is out there and he will twist situations around to serve his wickedness.

“Exposed Myself to More Hurt”

After "letting go" of Facebook and then a month later having succumbed to going on Facebook again, I spent endless hours on it, doing the worst of all, spying on my FH "Former Husband" and the OW "Other Woman". I hurt myself by the photos I saw with them at my eldest daughter’s wedding. I finally "let go" again, but this time I knew it was different. I had no desire to go on Facebook again, but instead, I used my cell phone to chat to people I really had no business chatting to, opening myself up to situations I really had no business getting involved with.

So, this mornings lesson could not have come at a better time or could not have been explained to me in a better fashion. I had been having trouble with my cell phone as the battery was faulty and it meant having the phone almost permanently on charge. Obviously, that isn't good for the battery, and then finally this morning the battery had become completely unusable. After reading this message I realised that it was taken away from me because I had left my church, I was no longer on Facebook, but I was still using my cell phone. And I KNOW I was talking to people I should not be talking to and was talking about things I should not be talking about. I must admit I am somewhat relieved that it happened. This is a way that I can also stop talking, and I don't get exposed to the things I really have no business being exposed to.

“Humbling Myself is What I Should Do”

Wow God is soooo good He is sooo great!! While doing course 4, I had to submit a praise report on a Friday, I had something to write but something just told me to wait. After reading one of the weekly messages speaking about things that blocked blessings, I felt convicted as 2 of my daughters was not speaking to me because of something I did related to my past drinking. Obviously, I thought they were being unreasonable and I didn't think I should apologise. Afterward, I sat thinking about it, and remembering that Jesus humbled himself until death, even though He was blameless! I knew that is what I should do.

It had been 2 months since either of them had spoken to me due to the incident. I sent them both an email apologising for whatever it was that made them angry. I received a reply from my youngest daughter the same day and since then not only have we been reconciled, but she also sent money to my mother for our needs. My eldest daughter, who was hurt the most by my actions as it took place at her wedding!!!, did not respond at all on that day. However today, a week later, I received an email from her telling me all about what is happening in her life. I was so happy!!!! God has once again reconciled my relationship with her as well.

Thank You my HH You are awesome !!! Thank You for showing me through this ministry where I am at fault, thanks for removing a stubborn, proud spirit from me. The glory, the honor, and the praise, go out only to You. You are wonderful, marvelous, You are the Love of my Life.

“Unsavory Conversations”

Wow, this week's lesson Securing Your Success was just for me! I had experienced a distance from my HH this week that I could not explain. I used to sing to my HH every single day as I walked to the gym a half hour walk away, which means for about an hour I would sing lyrics from favourite songs that I would write down in a songbook. The reason I stopped singing I believe was because in my heart I was feeling distressed as I was getting into my old habits of having unsavory conversations on my cell phone. I thought my troubles were over and God removed this sin by my battery has died completely. No sooner had I replaced the battery a couple of days later, and I was up to my old sinful self again! I realized that after reading today's message I should have continued praising through the storm that was raging between my flesh and my spirit. Therefore I am taking up my songbook once again and worshipping Him because He is so worthy to be worshipped!

“Meant For Us to Meet”

While I was still on Facebook, I looked for a page for restored marriages and found a page that is defined as “standers.” Although I did not belong to the page, I did, however, read the posts and started enjoying the comments and the posts of a certain lady. Soon afterward her and I began communicating, and I sent her the link to RMI and told her about the ministry and the basics. It was evident to me that she was an answer to my prayer as I longed for an e-partner but was not assigned one. As I had absolutely no one to share anything with as no one knows I am believing for my marriage restoration. It turns out that although we are thousands of miles apart, I'm in South Africa and she is in the USA, we have so much in common, our past, our husbands, our children and most importantly our love for God and the restoration of our marriages. I knew God had meant for us to meet as she has been an inspiration to me and I to her. I have shared a lot of the lessons I am doing and have sent the RMI link to her. She has not yet joined but I am sure that she will as she really appreciates the advice I give her as per our lessons, as their approach vastly differs to that of ours. It is such a joy to share with others, and God is so wonderful to take a woman from another continent and really turn her into a sister in Christ.

I thank You, Lord, for hearing my cry and sending just the right person to me. I pray that You would work in her heart and that she too will come to this ministry and receive the knowledge and blessings through it and through Your Word as I have.

“Your Sons & Daughters Will Come”

"Lift up your eyes round about, and see; they all gather together, they come to you. Your sons will come from afar, and your daughters will be carried in the arms” (Is. 60:4).

Due to the divorce and mostly my lifestyle afterward, I caused my children to separate from me emotionally, especially my son who lives in the UK with his wife and my 2 grandsons. It is difficult enough to try to maintain a relationship with children when they are far away, but when they are far away in your heart it's even more heartbreaking. This morning I was praying to God to restore the broken relationships, especially the one with my son. I prayed and asked God for favour, as my middle daughter is visiting them now, that in unity they will remember the unconditional love I have always had for them, the same unconditional love our Father has for us. I asked God to go before me. Then when I read today's devotional I knew God had already answered my prayer!!

My Beloved by Erin Thiele March 29

I know my son’s heart which was far away from me has returned to me. As for my daughters, I know that God has restored their hearts to me as close as their hearts where when they were still babies that I held in my arms.

It amazes me how God answers our prayers in such special ways. He is such a merciful God and so full of compassion. Just as my heart breaks for my children, His heart breaks for His children. He also feels immense sadness when we do things that break His heart. I will continue to look into His wonderful face and eagerly wait while He transforms me into not only the bride, not only a wife, but also the mother and grandmother or great grandmother if the Lord allows it, that I was meant to be, to honour and glorify His name so that I can succeed in my role to set the example of leading a life that is pleasing to the Lord. A task I failed miserably due to the poor example I set. All the honour and glory goes to You my loving Father who grants me this desire.

“Allowed Me to Be Cast Out”

It was my nephew’s birthday yesterday and my mom received the invite for cake and tea early in the morning. My mom got upset because the invite was extended to her alone and as many times in the past I was excluded. Mainly because my brother-in-law did not approve of my previous lifestyle. I explained to my mom that it did not bother me in the least bit and that I was at peace and that I knew that God restores relationships in His timing .....

I had such peace and merely told my mom to wish my nephew on my behalf and to of course bring me some cake 🙂 Later in the afternoon, I received a message from my sister inviting me along as well. I believe that God tests us to see how we react when we are faced with disappointment, but when we run to Him and He can see that He has our hearts in every circumstance, then....... He turns the situation around.

The other blessing I received was that my mom also stuck up for me and was very glad that I could come along which shows that God is also working in her heart. Needless to say, I had an amazing time spent with family, and... I ate tooo much cake 🙂

“Able To Guide Her to RMI”

When I started my journey back in 2006 (for the wrong reasons of trying to revive an adulterous union), I felt the pain of rejection and went through all the motions as a rejected partner. When I restarted the journey initially to do Bible study, I found that many of the lessons did not pertain to me because I was already divorced and had been for years. There was no communication between me and my FH so I didn't really need to adhere to most of the teachings in those lessons. Nevertheless, I always remembered that God has a purpose. And so I felt I had to go through it for a purpose. Two weeks ago I understood why. I had met a young girl late November 2015. She bought a bouffant from me for her wedding which was in December of 2015. We exchanged words and I was even invited to her wedding. Now 2 weeks ago I received a text from her telling me her husband had left her after only 3 months of marriage! She was devastated, as we all know and most have been there. For me there was no need to panic, I was able to guide her to RMI. I was able to impart the knowledge that I had gained through the lessons. What a Godsend to be able to guide this precious soul. To be able to comfort her with sound Biblical doctrine. As heartbreaking as the situation is, I have my HH to guide me, to give me the right words to say, to support, to advise, all with Him in mind. I was awakened from my slumber and God reminded me that most of us that are here are broken vessels in need of mending. In desperate need of the Father's touch.

Thank You my HH for choosing me to minister to this broken soul. Thank You! RMI for the precious truths I have learned and am now able to help and guide another one of His children. Reminding me that You are in control. You are the Lord Almighty. Nothing is too difficult for You. Restoring her to You and putting me to the test. To see if I am worthy to be used for Your glory.

“Even If I Caused It”

“So Abraham rose early in the morning, and took bread and a skin of water, and gave them to Hagar, putting them on her shoulder, and gave her the boy, and sent her away. And she departed and wandered about in the wilderness of Beersheba” (Gen. 21:14)

Throughout my journey and especially when I read the praise reports I am painfully aware that my situation differs greatly to that of most the woman in this ministry. Some may even think my marriage does not deserve to be restored because I was the one that committed adultery. I often think that it is actually my fault that my husband is living in adultery, if I had not left, it wouldn't be so. Then when I read today's devotional about Abraham sending Hagar away, I was reminded about God's forgiveness when it was Sarah that sinned by allowing her husband to enter Hagar and produce Ishmael. And even so, God forgave Sarah and gave her the desire of her heart to not only send Hagar away but bless her with a child whom she dearly longed for.

So too, I would like God to send the OW away as this Devotional talks about...

My Beloved  by Erin Thiele May 7

And even if I had caused the sin, He is a forgiving God and He rewards obedience. God's forgiveness is so great, just when you think you have committed the unpardonable sin, He comes and wraps you up in His loving arms and shows you mercy, and if that isn't enough He grants you unmerited favour as well. Stay close to Him every minute of the day and then before you even realise it, He will become all you need, all you want, and all you live for. And your desires will be given unto you.

“I Left My First Love For Him”

At the beginning of my RJ, When I started doing the lessons, I specifically didn't quite grasp the concept of "First Love".  About having left my first love. Now almost a year later and much much wiser. I am ashamed to confess that I never left my First Love (the Lord). I never had Him in my life, to begin with. The relationship I have with Him now, yes I can call Him my First Love, but never before had he been what He is to me now. And after giving Him all the glory and the honour and the praise for loving me first and never leaving or forsaking me, I want to thank RMI and anyone who made it possible, for the resources and lessons, which propelled me into a relationship with my HH I NEVER EVER KNEW COULD EXIST. It was only after I started doing the lessons that I came to understand God through His Word. I learned the meaning of scripture as I've never known before. The way it was explained blew my mind. (Thank You, Erin). It was coincidentally through the lessons that I learned that my marriage could be restored, prior to that I thought it was dead and I was looking to marry a pastor (lol). Well, I did become the bride of the greatest pastor that ever lived. And yes I did leave my first love, yes ladies my husband was my first love and I left him after 20 years of marriage! I strongly advise each woman that can access lessons, to do them. You will be so enriched, you will be amazed at the things you might have read in His Word but never understood. You will learn how to deal with Your loved ones. You will learn so much about who our HH is and how He longs to be our first love. And mostly how He deserves to be our First Love. May each and every one of you as you go through this journey also be blessed the way I have been. And also come to the realisation that what you might have thought about Him being your first love is nothing compared to Him actually becoming your first love.

“Crying to Me for Help!”

Besides the many "small" blessings I received lately, this praise report goes out to my HH who led me to RMI who equipped me to help others, which is ultimately why we are doing the lessons and staying faithful to Him and to this ministry.

A couple of months ago I met a young lady who bought my bouffant from me (the one I didn't get to wear to a wedding that should never have taken place) Thank God it didn't! We spoke about God (somehow yes, but God intended). And I, hardly knowing this young girl, spoke of my beliefs and my situation. Never dreaming that a couple of months later, she would be crying to me for help.

She informed me that her husband had filed for divorce. They have not even been married 3 months! I was shocked! But at the same time, I was relieved because I got to pray and leave it all up to Him. What a blessing that He takes all our cares upon Him. What could have been a stressful situation turned into an opportunity to give this young lady hope through God and this Ministry.

I was once again reminded about how radical one has to turn in order to obey God’s Word, in order to restore that which the devil stole from us. Our relationship with Him! And if not restoring then creating a relationship with Him! I read in one of the praise reports about a lady that was talking about becoming giddy for God (“A Giddy Woman”). I too experienced that this week.

Amidst the sorrow I felt for this precious soul, I also felt peace because I know God has this all under control. He will give her the desires of her heart. She may have a long road ahead but at the end of the road lies all the promises He makes along the road. And the oh so glorious manifestation of a never-ending loving relationship with Him! And a healed heart and joyful life!

How terrifying it must be to be burdened with the shame, humiliation of being abandoned by someone who made a covenant with you before God. But how awesome to be held in His loving arms and being able to rest your weary head on His shoulders.

“Not Disturbed At All”

“Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven, with the saving strength of His right hand” (Ps. 20:6).

My Beloved by Erin Thiele June 15

Erin’s My Beloved devotional meant so much to me, especially after the recent turn of events with one of my daughters. Let me explain….

My eldest daughter came for a visit and is staying in our family home. There have been a couple of break-ins in the home and she shared with me earlier in the morning that she did not feel safe as she was there alone. I, of course, was not concerned as I had prayed the hedge as I normally do each and every morning for my family. Later that morning there was an attempted break-in and my daughter did not have airtime after she had phoned the police, she phoned her dad who did not answer as well as the OW. She sent me a message to phone her urgently. She was hysterical on the phone telling me what had happened but that she scared them off by shouting at them. She asked me to get hold of her dad so I phoned him. (We had not spoken in 14 years). Later on, it was revealed to me that the OW had posted the video of the attempted break-in on facebook and she had claimed our family home as her own as well as stating that my daughter was hers. Well, I wasn't in the least bit disturbed by this. As she also stated that God had protected my daughter which He did!!!!

So yes I praised Him because He protected her and He whispered to me that it was because of my prayer of protection that He had done this. Therefore ladies, yes we must praise Him even if it seems insignificant. As due to the incident He blessed me by me getting to speak to all 3 of my daughters and my EH in one day and protecting my child and home. PTL