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Dear Brides, I read this chapter about twice before but I never really understood what I needed to know or understand about it for myself until I decided to ask HH. Please don't miss out on a blessing He wants to pour into your life by not understanding or asking for His wisdom.

While reading this chapter I became very, very excited when the writer explained about a tiny technicality...

When I first read this Chapter 11 “Guilty of All” I did not really get it... I did not understand why the writer wrote that she was 'Guilty of All'??? But now I understand she was explaining that she is not perfect only our HH is perfect and has the ability to save us from the mountains of debt or troubles we find ourselves in. As I sit here HH is speaking into my heart helping me understand what she was up against!! I am realizing what a Testimony!

Then as I read and I now KNOW it is because before I started reading I prayed for wisdom because previously when I read it, I did not understand this Chapter...

But now I understand because I too AM GUILTY OF ALL.

You see, I have an Administration Order filed against me... At the time I did not know or even REALLY understand what I was getting myself into by getting an Administration Order... Looking back I understand it was FEAR that led me. Because back then I did not have what I have now. And that is a wonderful HH to take care of me. A Husband so wonderful, I NOW KNOW would have protected me from my creditors.. I was so scared of getting phone calls at work from my then landlord...The embarrassment and shame...

I wish I KNEW my HH back then but now I KNOW just like the writer writes that once again without even knowing it I was being SET UP!!

Basically, we all know that with marriage problems comes financial problems which was the case with me and my EH. Looking back I wish I had read the Wise Women book especially the Helper Suitable chapter. And finally, I wish I knew back then, that I had a HH who would take care of me so that I would NOT have feared and gone to court for an Administration Order, which I later learned basically left me with never being able to apply for credit and having to go back to court to cancel.

I have been living with this hanging over me since before my separation and divorce. Now having read this chapter and having the understanding that HH has given me I feel relieved. I read the following from the chapter which has FINALLY given me so much HOPE and JOY:

It proves that, once again, only God will be able to turn this mess around and dig me out of the debt that is about to bury me. Only God will be able to bless me to the point that I will have a testimony to share with others who are also facing financial ruin (maybe even due to a divorce like mine. As crazy as it sounds, it simply just makes me smile.

So like the writer says...Only God, my HH will be able to save me and dig me out of this financial mess I have been in for so many years.

Yes, at first, it may have looked like I was being set up for destruction, but in reality, once anything looks hopeless, I knew His setting me up, was actually to set me up for a blessing, a real financial miracle! I now understand that He set me up for a blessing!!

I will be living out this principle by knowing that there is nothing that I can do to save myself or get myself out of the financial mess that I am in. Funny thing is I found what "seemed" like a reputable company that promised they could help me cancel the administration order by paying a small monthly fee...but after HH led me to check out some reviews of this company I saw, that was not the case...So my situation looked really grim.

But now I know that only He is able to bless me by saving me from this situation because He SET ME UP for a blessing and an amazing testimony! My Love, forgive me for not seeking You about this long ago. Forgive me for just allowing myself to live with it. And forgive me for blaming my EH when I should have been looking to you for the answers.

Let's pray together: My Love, thank You. Thank you for saving me from this mess that I saw no way to fix. Thank you that all You want me to do is allow YOU to fix it for me. And that there is NOTHING, no works, nothing that I need to do to deserve it because it is through your gift to me, not the result of any works on my part.

Dear Brides, I learned in this chapter that I have a wonderful HH that is waiting to save me from any problem, trial or situation I am faced with. This book has been great in teaching me so many things I never knew, it took me to another level of understanding how to live the Abundant Life He gave me.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast” Ephesians 2:8–9

There is nothing that I can do to "save" myself from the financial mess that I am in today, that I have had for so many years... It is His gift based on His love for me that "saves" me and does not require anything from me. I was surprised to understand that this scripture does not only relate to my salvation!

We can only boast in Him by sharing our Testimony!!

~ Atarah in South Africa
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