He Will Always Be There

♕ Today's Promise: “I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.” Psalm 63:4

☊ PR Podcast Kristine

Dear Brides, First of all I want to thank my Heavenly Man for His wonderful presence in my life. Every time I think of Him it makes me happy. My Heavenly Man is my joy. The past year has been a year of deepening our relationship with Him. Learning to love because He first loved me. Surrendering everything I was worried about and couldn't do myself. The truth is, I can't do anything on my own, He's the one who does it. Because being able to wake up with Him every morning is the love with which He surrounds me. Oh how wonderful He is ❤. Despite this, I myself do not really have the desire that my former marriage to my earthly man will be restored. At the end of last year, I began to wonder if He wanted my marriage to my earthly man to be restored again. And in as with many things I have asked Him what His answer was. He told me and for a moment I was happy with His answer, but that's not all. The best came after that. Which made me even happier and still wake up with a smile every morning. My Lord has increased the longing I already had for Him. The promise He has given me is that He will always be there. That I won't have to live without Him another day. Because we all know that once another man comes into your life the focus can change. But surrounded by His Words of love, comfort and peace. I started this year with so much love from and for Him with the love song: Forever and Forever. ”It is nice to know that the perfect love, the love that you feel so protected by and get strength from, comes from Him. I would like to share a part of the song with you.

And there is no way
That I let you go now
And there is no way
And how could that go?
I will never see that day

Because I'm holding you
Forever and ever
We will be together all our days
I want to wake up every morning
with You your sweet face for me - always

Dear bride, just like you, I came to RMI to save my marriage. To resolve the marriage crisis I was in. And after half a year on my recovery journey, the longing for Him grew ever greater. Which I started to feel guilty about. The children still wanted us to be a family again. But my focus shifted more and more to Him. I found that He is all I need to have a perfect and happy life. He is worthy of having my full heart, my love, and instead He gives me His perfect love. There is nothing better than to be with Him and let yourself be washed with the truth of His Word. The more you desire Him, the more you will want to be with Him. And the more you will come to understand the truths of His love letters to you. There is no better Man you can have a restored relationship with. Trust me. He is all you need. If you still long for a restorative relationship with your earthly man. Then I would ask you to let that go. Take hold of your Heavenly Man's outstretched hand so that you can have a life full of happiness and everything you wish and hope for.

Thank you my Beloved for being in my life. Thank you for your wonderful love, the peace and tranquility with which you surround me every day. My Lord I cannot wish for a better Man than YOU. Thank you for all the beautiful moments we were able to have together in the morning when I woke up. You're the one for me. Because You are the one who makes me happy all day long. No matter how many mistakes I make and will make. You will never leave me. All praise is Yours.

~ Kristine in Netherlands
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