Hold on my dear sister!!

Sweet ladies and especially the ones with broken heart, I praise my Beloved, that He took me to this Restoration Journey, helped me do not give up and in reward, blessed my life so much in so many areas!!! Today, swimming in our private pool when my all three baby girls were sleeping, I almost cried from all the blessings I have. I would have nothing, no private pool, no baby, if I did not go through so much pain, pain, pain and broken heart maybe like you my dear today. Believe me sweet sister, I understand your pain and all of us here in RMI too. During my restoration journey, I wanted to give up so many times and I wanted to fill for divorce myself, or run away from my EH, because I just could not bear anymore the pain and all adversity what was happening every day. It is so hard do not give up, when It really looks that the people around you who divorced are much more happy than you today…So if you feel like this right now, believe me I understand you so much, I was there also and I want to tell you: Do not give up!!! Hold on, He will reward you in many areas of your life when you will hold on and it is really worthy for it!!!! Hold His hands, read all the resource here in RMI, testimonies, make the journals and you will see, that one day He will turn your situation, no matter how bad it is!!! All this happens, because He just loves you so much and He wants you to give a beautiful life, much better then you had!!! Hold on my dear sister, we all here understand you so much!!! Much love from Anissa!!!

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  1. Thank you Anissa l agree!! Just take it 1 day at a time read a lesson and journal as He leads and see how your life will change. I am no one special either l was just a heartbroken woman in desperate need of help πŸ™

  2. How distraught I was. This is such a blessing this site. I hope all are encouraged and can take a rest in refuge to our HH who heals all of our wounds. Remember to do you courses and spend that time with HH. it will help you to know that others have got through it and want to cheer you along! Praise him with whom all our blessings flow. He is the only one who can heal deep pain and grief. Even when you think you will never stop bleeding inside, there is nothing impossible for God! Nothing is impossible for God, nothing is impossible for God! Remind yourself everyday, that NOTHING is impossible with GOD!!!

    1. Yes nothing is impossible with God!! So glad you shared I’m meditating on this wonderful scripture today πŸ™Œ

  3. What a blessing to read such a beautiful heartwarming praise. Thank you for sharing the goodness of our HH. Living an abundant life. Let us keep on keeping on

  4. My heart πŸ’— is bursting with JOY Anissaβ€”for you and your precious gorgeous baby girls. We LOVE YOU SO MUCH and have watched your journey πŸ™πŸ» you would never give up. THANK YOU for taking the time to come and shareβ€”the timing is perfect.

    We’re working on updating our Marriage Evaluation welcome page and sensed our Beloved Husband was designing it to speak to the broken hearts πŸ’” and begin to heal β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή their wounds. Your praise is like a soothing balm and I’m forever grateful and thankful for you Anissa. Sending my love 😘

    1. O thank you Erin for your comment. πŸ™‚ When I heardΒ  the promise for the year 2023, first thought which came to my mind was that here on the website the praises will be divided according to some topics, to not overwhelm each other and on the other hand praise and speak about all the good ideas for all the groups. For example, praises and tips for heartbroken brides, then for ladies after restoration, or for ladies with kids and ladies without kids….because each lady needs different kinds of encouragement… I am really happy to hear that He leads you to focus on the heartbroken, I felt the same πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you for this praise Anissa. You’re right, it can be hard to stay on the narrow path and not give up but with our Beloved and help from all His encouragement here nothing is impossible!

  6. Wow wow wow, how beautiful praise Anissa! I was able to feel your heart, I was able to imagine you in your private pool crying for your happiness for all His love for you… It is something that all His brides need to feel! Thank you for sharing and encouraging the women to NOT GIVE UP!!

  7. Love to see you so blessed my sweet Anissa!! Choosing Him is the best ever!!! Thank you for this encourgment!!

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