I No Longer Lived in the Flesh

♕ Today's Promise: "Therefore, gird your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 1:13.

☊ PR Podcast Valerie

Before I started RMI I used to be plagued with anxiety. I used to constantly have palpitations. I was so impatient. I had no patience. If I needed something I would push so much until I had it. And I would fret and worry and always imagine the worst and speak words of destruction and desolation over my life. I was a mess. A broken mess. I then lost my job and became suicidal. I took anti depressants because I was so scared I would kill myself. I had just moved into a new apartment (for which I didn’t have an income to pay rent for as I had just lost my job) and I would hear this voice telling me to just jump down the balcony because I’m no use to anyone. It’ll be a relief for everyone to be rid of me. I cried so much. And then I started praying and fasting. It’s when I started fasting that the pain became less and I found RMI.

From that moment onwards I calmed down. I no longer lived in the flesh. I had patience. And I healed from the inside out with each lesson. Every single word in the lessons poured life into me. I was like a completely dried and shriveled plant and RMI has been the water that has revived my soul. I found hope and courage. The more I learnt the more I drew close to my sweet Heavenly Husband. I now don’t have palpitations. I don’t worry. I have no anxiety. I hold my thoughts captive. Whenever I start feeling anxious and tense I let go and give it over to God and it’s amazing how the discomfort and fear just vanishes.

God is amazing. I am completely trusting in Him to fix me and He has. I am still broken but no longer a mess. I am strong and confident that my Heavenly Husband will take care of me. I trust in Him. Thank you God and Erin for this beautiful gift. This ministry is truly blessed. God’s hand is so evident in it. Thank you.

~ Valerie in Sri Lanka
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