I’m Getting There by Faith

♕ Today's Promise: “He who has the bride is the bridegroom; but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. So this joy of mine has been made full.” John 3:29

☊ PR Audio

I stopped attending church since the pandemic and the lockdown but only came by to pray at the altar and gave tithe. But I was in a state of loss and hopelessness even though I was going to church. I was never considered by church leaders as holy enough or worthy to lay hands and pray for someone. Going to church I was considered a possessed or sinner and no matter what I did I was not accepted.

When I found RMI I let go when I read the beautiful testimonies of how happy all the ladies are that let go of their church. I desired the same happiness and so I let go of my church completely. I'm happier and free, I no longer feel like I'm too dirty to speak to Him so he's far away from me, while others get to lay in His arms and I can only stay aside and watch and day dream what it would be like to have Him hold me. Now I'm happier and the Lord  is with me all the time. I speak to Him every moment and sing love songs for Him. I love Him so much. My Sunday mornings I wake up and play love songs for us. I sing to Him and pray, read my bible to wash me then I read my 3x5 cards then I would praise and thank Him and I would read my daily devotionals and then do my Abundant life course and my RRR [Renew, Rebuild, Restore] courses then pour my heart out in my journal.

I'm not where I want to be. I have been praying a lot and applying the principles but fail many times. But I do apply the principles of letting go, winning without words and being gentle and quiet spirit. It's not easy but I'm getting there by faith. When I started isolating myself, family members started to wonder if I was ok because I hardly spoke to anyone. I'm no longer hurt over my marriage but I'm hurt by the fact that my family refuse to give me privacy and I have to be asking Heavenly Husband to keep my heart pure.

My turning point was when I started to tell Him that He's all I want, need and live for. This changed my way of thinking and I began thinking more of Him and less of everything and everyone else. I fell deeply in love with Him. I started having dinner with my Heavenly Husband and fun times as well.

I would normally get out of bed early and make breakfast and then do all I have planned for that day then spend the rest of the day with Him. Yes, my Heavenly Husband and I have a love song.  I will be here for you.


I will be here for you, somewhere in the night.
Somewhere in the night.
I'll shine a light for you.
Somewhere in the night.
I'll be standing by.
I will be here for you.

Dear bride, I encourage you to fall in love with your Heavenly Husband (HH). Remember just like Job the enemy will try to take everything away from us but isn't it beautiful that we can still smile that there's one person and thing he can't take from us is our HH and the peace He's given us and most of all he can't take away our relationship with Him😂😂😂lol if we have the Lord we have everything and he can try to steal many things but he can't steal our Lord from us. Be lifted up brides and be strong amen.

Zara in Jamaica
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