Iniquities will Capture the Wicked

His ways are better than my way! I am in love with Him! I had another praise report written to share the Lord’s glory but, the Lord prompted me to read the very 1st email I received from RMI and I can’t get the following out of my head…

“His own iniquities will capture the wicked, and he will be held with the cords of his sin” (Prov. 5:22).

The evaluation team predicted that God’s not going to begin to make any changes in my situation until He knows I am safely wrapped and experiencing His love, before He begins to create a multitude of crises in my husband’s life (to get Him to want to change).

Wow, that explains the multitude of this week crises. I know why He led me there to read that:

  1. My HH knows I am head over heels about Him now.
  2. He knows how I value our times together.
  3. He knows the sacrifices I make daily and He protects my job when I disappear to go to my dates with Him and be alone.

So He knows I am ready and content to only have His unconditional love in my life. So he led me to read those words again because of what I have been asking him lately… I asked him if i should be supportive to my EH to help him get through the multitudes of trials that are going on in his life right now. His word said that i should support him, I should not be glad and I must be obedient to his words…i do not want to interfere with his work but i asked him to lead me as to how I should show support to my EH.

I was led to tell my EH to let me know if I can help get him back and running and left it as that…and I asked my HH to lead me to what else ..and my HH send me to the email..that makes me pose so many scenarios I can write a book about..

  1. His business collapsed with possibilities of a financial ruin..this hurt me too but HH said that would help my EH work on his future plans in the gambling world and the private trips. So many other things that are lost that can also affect the business relationship with ow I ask him to remove.
  2. His 2 best friends or gambling and the enablers of all of his addictions and run away friends..are both in crisis and 1 got sent to jail with a story in the news about him using his medical power to cause unlawful things. The other man is going through a divorce that is also ruining him financially, he’s distraught by it all which affects us around him..but HH told me ..I prayed for him to remove friends that are not good or are bad influences for him and He’s doing that!
  3. He nearly died on a major highway due to a pole that flew toward his car and causes $1000s damages, which scared me a little and I wasn’t even in the car. Our entire family felt sorry him but HH told me that i prayed for him to bring him back to his faith and let him know His existence again. Only my HH could have spared him that day!
  4. EH’s travel plans mysteriously got cancel this weekend and he asked if he can do things with us on SATURDAY, I repeat on SATURDAY.. this is a day that he said he would never give up to be around me. This had become a faithful night out to be with his 2 friends in a casino since he told me that to remove Saturday date night off of my calendar since we’re not together anymore.

Dear Lord, You truly have no equal, I praise You for everything that is going on in my life and around me, You are so powerful and mighty, words cannot describe how i feel about You.

1 Corinthians 13: 7-8 “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8 Love never ends; as for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.”

For the sake of loving you and for the love I prayed you added love in my heart for my eh again…I know I must endure his behaviour, and his depression, as well as what I am seeing happening around me because that is what You want to me to do…I am devoted to only living by Your commands…Please do not stop leading the way in every aspect of my life. I pray that i will abide by Your words at all cost ..just say the words and I will follow.

Love you much!

~ Angel in Florida

Angel is married to a Jewish man.