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Please come and read some of the top posts from this week on Love At Last 💗:

Yvonne’s RJN Chapter 5, “The Anger was Brewing in Me”
"My dear friend Yvonne, I cried reading chapter 4, because I know how difficult it must have been to talk about your mother’s passing away.
And in Chapter 5 when Ian said: “Well, it could have been worse; they could have been elephants flying around.” I see your laughing in front of me.
You are a brilliant writer and you kept me so captivated with your chapters. It was so interesting to read my dear friend."

💗 Feels Like Home 💗
"Having no home, no pictures of mine on the walls, no family memorabilia or furniture that’s mine. Nothing at all we are drawn to to provide our comfort or security— It’s proof that it’s only Him we need. And love 💗 songs like this help us to bring the person we say is our Husband HOME no longer a celestial “up in heaven to be praised” but @in our arms” loved 🥰"

This time I made a commitment to not stop tithing again! 🎤 📖
"It just brought me back to when I first began tithing. I too was a single mother of four small children and complete poverty with no income whatsoever. My ties began with the only source of income which wasn’t money, but food from our leftover food stamps. My grown children still love to talk about how excited they were to go to the bulk grocery store and buy huge bags of rice and beans and giant cans of vegetables and fruit that we would drive over to the local homeless kitchen. We would also stay and clean up or serve – – and honestly it was the best day of our entire month.
One time we were able to bless a family we found out didn’t have anything to eat. The little girl who my boys had played with us invited for lunch and I could tell she was very very hungry. Long story short we were able to bring groceries and fill their pantry. And they’re pantry when we got there were two packages of Ramen noodles. This I understand now was are offering because it wasn’t at the end of the month.
Shortly after giving the first time, I was led to tutor children at a nearby, daycare and reading, and it provided as much income, no actually more income than if I had worked full-time at minimum wage. Yet I was only gone for one hour twice a week!
To be honest, I have no idea how we began accumulating enough money to buy beds so the children didn’t sleep on the floor and near the end of this season of restoration, we actually began feeding my EH and OW!!"

Podcast 🎤: Spiritual Leader with Special Guest Yvonne vd Hoff
"I can relate with what you are sharing about our only true spiritual lider!! There is no one but Him to heal us and give us the wisdom we need!!
For me letting go Of church was light and easy as well!! Just going to HIM CHANGED MY LIFE!! 🤗😍
Now I am addicted to leeting go and trust in Him!!
We might seem like crazy but to tell you the truth I do not want to the way I was!!"

I had no money but my Husband provided ❤
"I love this 💕 Sometimes it’s almost like a fairy tale because of how He provides and shows us love."

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  1. Thank you, Adina, I can see so much encouragement happening on the website He has entrusted you with. LoveAtLast.ORG gave me the hope I needed to know that I can trust only in Him. My marital status does not matter to my Husband, only my love for Him. ❤️

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