My Mr. Fixit

Five minutes before I type this my computer didn’t start. It made me a bit worried because I have an exam day after tomorrow and my notes are saved on the computer. I’m not a tech guy my EH used to do these things to me after our separation my brothers helped me online. Now what I immediately did was ask My HH what to do. To be honest, while I was praying I sent a photo of the error message to my brother. I confess before all of you my dear brides about my poor faith. Once I finished praying my HH asked to open the CPU box just to check whether anything got loose so I gently touched every part inside the CPU and wiped out the dirt inside it while the CPU is still open I gave it a restart IT WORKED. See How my HH helped me. I used to call my EH Mr. Fixit because he did all the maintenance around the home. Now I have the best Mr. Fixit with me with whom nothing is impossible. I am so grateful, and I love you so much, my Love..

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  1. Wow!!! Praise the Lord that He is your everything now!!! I am so happy for you!!! He will continue to pour blessings to you my sweet Elza!! What an amazing praise!!! He is such a detail oriented Husband, I am so happy for you!! 🌷

  2. I understand what you mean and I feel very related. Our flesh wants to take care of everything right away and I think this is part of our process, our journey. To start trusting more and more on him and let him guide us as in the Living Lessons He Leads Me”. and β€œHe Leads Me: GPS”

    But the good news is that He has used for your good and now you see He is your Everything!

  3. Thank you Elza! Yes if He ask Him He will lead us or lead us to fix it, or the correct person to help us! And each time He led me to somebody to help me, the prices where very reasonable or they gave discount!

  4. My goodness Elza how I can RELATE!! For years and years and years, if I had any trouble with my computer, I immediately thought, NO, not my Husband but my son, the computer geek. Isn’t that crazy? I’m so thankful to my very patient Husband, who is always so loving and finally cured me. So now, if I sense my Husband is asking me to even mention something computer related to my son, I wait and wait to make sure I’m not close to that slippery slope.
    YOU’RE SO RIGHT, no matter what is broken or needs fixing we have the best MR. FIX-IT.
    On another subject, hoping you will get this, Elza. Yvonne and I were just talking about YOU and the other translator from Sri Lanka and Amanda in Russia. Am I correct, were you one of our translators? Because now that Yvonne is the Licensed Ministry Franchise owner, she has all sorts of exciting ideas that we need to talk about in an upcoming podcast.

    1. No Erin I was not a translator and I am so amazed to hear that the resources are being started to translate WOW. I will happily do if there is anything that I should contribute. I think I should pray about this ask my Love about this.

      1. Oh, I hope you do, Elza. We had two translators from Sri Lanka, so envision, with me, if we could reach out to them Iris and Jenelle in Sri Lanka πŸ‡±πŸ‡° and begin building a website for you. The power of a 3 cord isn’t easily broken!!

        1. That will be an amazing 3-Cord in Sri Lanka. Let me see where He leads us and I will leave you another message here my dear Elza. Thank you for being such a beautiful encouraging woman and following the lead of your Husband.

  5. Hey elza i totally relate ! How I wish l would ask HIM 1st before l start worrying πŸ˜† hahaha I can’t tell you how many times He Has helped me when l just simply ask but it definitely get easier l noticed.

    1. Ha Ha I know sometimes we lose sight of him and look for humans that can be seen from our natural eye. Sometimes, I also go through that, but My Love always reminds me that He is right beside me.

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