My new homes first fellowship

Β "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James1:17-19

Hello beautiful brides!!

I am overwhelmed and excited this morning!

So, I moved me and my son into our new home at the beginning of the week! After a couple months of waiting, not seeing the home, or knowing much, we finally moved in!! It was beyond my dreams! Bigger and lovelier than I imagined. So, me and my son had nothing except clothes when we moved in.

I knew through these lessons, that He was setting me up for a blessing. Upon our first day of arrival, so many people came and helped.

Now, our empty house is filled with beautiful furniture, coffee tables, full of kitchen things! My children even have new toys to play with when they come to visit!!

But, this isn't it!!

All of this is happening, while my EH is moving closer to his OW and planning on moving very far away, and marrying her!!

I cannot comprehend this love that my LOVE has for me. And he's been showing me, see you don't need that imperfect human love that. An never satisfied, all things come from me!!

Okay, then!! My new sister in Christ, came and we annointed my new home! Prayed over over archway, window and door. We sang hymns and fellowshiped talking about the goodness of God for hours. I had my first Bible study with three new friends and their children. My new house is big enough to fit us all and the children!! (He knew and He picked this out for me!)
How wonderful it is to have a home where we can be excited about Him and love and serve one another!!

Oh my teen son and his friend were here on the night we annointed the house, they each were willing to pick a hymn and song with us for quite awhile. That's a huge praise!! Surrending my son to My Love πŸ’• and trusting Him to do what I cannot.

The blessings that come from His beautiful hand are unlike any other. He's wooing me. He's showing me what beauty there is in surrendering, trusting and waiting on Him in silence.

He's showing me that I truly don't need anyone else. Though I am a human and I go back to longing for someone who doesn't want me, when my Love is here beside me, chasing after me with His perfect love. So I keep going towards him, when I stumble He helps me get back up and I want Him to carry me in His arms so I fall less and less.

Reading Hinds feet in High places has been a blessing to my heart and deeply moved me. Highly recommend.

Have a beautifully blessed day.

7 thoughts on “My new homes first fellowship”

  1. Wow what a beautiful heartwarming Praise Report to read, thank you for sharing precious Rasa, our Darling Lord is really the best ever, I just love Him! The blessings from His hand is really unlike any other, wow!

  2. Thank you dear beloved Rasa for this wonderful praise. It’s wonderful that you can Praise and bible study with other women in your new house. Yes His love is much more than human love.

  3. β€œFor we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10
    My sweet Rasa, I can only imagine the feeling you have now of love, hope, and happiness to see how much your life is changing! My dear, I want to say I love your praise report full of miracles and love for our Beloved!
    You know there are certain works Our Beloved designed for YOU, specifically, to do? You are living His plan for your life and experiencing true freedom and the abundant life He offers! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. This new home is going to be a blessing beyond your prayers, because He is loving and love you to much!

    1. what a beautiful thing to ponder, that this is His beautifully designed plan for my life? praise praises to our beautiful King!!!

  4. qu’il soit benis pour ses merveilles, et sa bontΓ© dure a toujours. πŸ™πŸ½merci bien aimΓ©e pour ce rapport de louange, cela me fortifie aussi car je suis en attente pour avoir une maison, je sais qu’il a dit dans sa parole que ” nous ses amours habiterons dans des belles maisons pleines des choses precieuses que nous n’avons pas achetΓ©s.
    il est le ” oui ” et ” amen” πŸ₯°

    May he be blessed for his wonderful works, and his lovingkindness endures forever. πŸ™πŸ½thank you beloved for this report of praise, it also strengthens me because I am waiting to have a house, I know that he said in his word that β€œwe his loves will live in beautiful houses full of precious things that we We didn’t buy.
    he is the β€œyes” and β€œamen”πŸ₯°

    1. amen!! praises!! I am entirely convinced that praise is the key to seeing our requests come to fruition! praising him now for your new home and all the beautiful blessings that will happen in it and through it!!

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