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It just so happened that it was my day to rotate into the bookkeeping office (since it’s important to always have a 3cord) when I read this email and ask my husband what he wanted me to do with it (as I always do with everything – – ASK my husband).
“Your husband is your maker, the Lord of hosts is his name.”
His reply, obviously, was to post it here and to get the feedback from all of you who are partners that I will pass into Jordan with the link to this posted to praise.

My name is Jordan and I’m on the development team here at the YouVersion Bible App. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your generous giving to Bible App. Gifts like yours enable us to keep building features and distributing the Bible and additional resources around the world. When you contribute financially to Bible App, you are supporting a Community that God is using to transform the world and make disciples! We are so thankful for your generosity.
I’d love to learn more about you and your ministry! I’d also love to know what inspired you to give to Bible App if you’re willing to share.
Thank you!

if you were unaware of your tithes and offerings being invested in this exciting translating endeavor, you can find the information here.

Where We Invest

10 thoughts on “Partners and YouVersion”

  1. Let me be the first to begin. It’s very very very important that we invest as God tells us to invest. treasures in heaven are certainly not monetary, but the heart and souls of the people who need a savior and our brides who need Lover. “I have this against you that you have left your first love.” “where your treasure is there is your heart also. “
    In regards to this ministry, and my heart personally, is in providing God’s word, and his promises to every language, tongue and tribe.
    I am always shocked and baffled. When I hear that churches invest in stocks and other worldly investments, pastors personally doing the same thing. It makes me wonder and breaks my heart.
    There’s much more that I could say, but I’d rather hear from the rest of you. Why do you invest in RMI and her ministries, which, therefore also means you’re investing into what YouVersion is doing?

  2. How exciting!!! I really like YouVersion and have always loved the fact that we offer to them as partners. I have prayed that we could have the devotional My Beloved on YouVersion, and some other type of devotional or lesons (maybe living les sons?) that leads women to know the Lord as their Heavenly Husband, I see this as the clouder the size of a hand for me 🙌🏻

  3. Thank you for following His lead and taking the time to share this here. Yes, this is such an investment in the lives of others especially for salvation and of course, we want each person that is saved, to also have the very close relationship with Him that we are experiencing.

    From my own personal experience, I can say that once I got to know Him, I got a hunger for His word, I love reading it in my own language, I love being able to read to my children in our language and we are currently using the Afrikaans version of the NLT that is so easy for the children to understand. A new version of the Afrikaans bible came out called the 2020 version and I am reading that one now. It is so much fun because I am not starting it from the beginning, I am just reading random books for fun. None of this would have been possible if it was not for organizations like YouVersion. I feel so blessed that RMI can be a small part in bringing people around the world His word.

  4. I have the Youversion bible app on my phone. I love using their bible reading plans and l love the Kids Experience devotional for kids. What l love about the app is that it has the drop down button that you can use to change the version and get a better understanding of the scriptures. Its wonderful to know that Youversion is in the business of reaching far across the world with Gods word by having so nany different translations.

  5. Love this!!! This is my favorite Bible app!! I am so happy we get to be a part of this!!! What a huge blessing!!!! As Anasatsia shares, It will be amazing to have a plan there!! Can you imagine how amazing it will be!!!!

  6. It is a blessing to read Jordan´s thank you message, to feel their genuine gratitude and how RMI´s “investment” is really producing “fruits”, good ones through this investment. I find surprising what Erin mentioned regarding other churches investing in stocks… what stock could be better and more secure than God´s enterprise? 😉

    This is also my favourite app, which i used a lot before i found RMI, and still use but less now. I agree with Anastasia it would be amazing that RMI has a plan in their app… when my marital troubles started i did look for a more specific plan there but there was nothing like RMI´s message.

    I also believe that making the word of God available to everyone, no matter their language or culture is our duty and a privilege as well. This app has really made a difference in how the word of God is spread throughout the world and to everyone, i am son happy to learn RMI is part of it.

    Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Let me say that Your Version has been in my life since the beginning of my Journey, I love it, and I am able to have all the languages that I need in different versions, this has blessed me so much! Thank you, RMI for helping YourVersion to keep spreading His Word to many languages, tribes, and people!

  8. That we have started and will continue to donate to Youversion Bible app is great. His Word saved me and to this day it gives me more joy every time I read it. Thank you RMI for choosing to donate to this app. And how good would it be if The Wise Woman were promoted through this app as a reading plan.

  9. I also love and use this app daily for my readings. I have it downloaded on my cell phone, so where I am I can access it, as well as our materials too.
    It is so gratifying to know that we are part of this great investment…
    Thank you for sharing

  10. Thanks Erin for sharing💝
    It’s really anazing how You Version can reach people around the world, I just want to say how blessed we are as we have so many resources available 💝

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