Spending Sunday with Him

For a while my older sister said she would be visiting my mom now that she is still on Holiday from her job as a School Teacher. She lives 1.5 hrs away from my mom´s house and for some reason or another, she does not come to see us much. In other previous praises I have shared about my Husband working to restore our relationship because unfortunately we were not getting along very well. While talking to my Husband about this relationship to improve it and how, he reminded me about the verse 1C1348 that says: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.¨
I was keeping this verse in my heart since He gave it again to me and He led me to keep on a more frequent communication with my sister.
Without making any pressure I asked if she was still planning to come to visit mum and she said she would on Sunday. She asked me to go so the 3 of us could be together. Which of course I accepted.
Because I talk to mum every day, I knew she was a bit uncomfortable with my sister visit and I took the opportunity to ask her just to seek Her Husband, surrender all those feelings and wait to see what He has for Her. Well ladies, let me share that He is always faithful, and He never disappoint us. My sister came with her sewing machine, she repaired some curtains my mum wanted to have fixed. My older nephew (my sister´s older child) who lives with my mum spent all the time with us, bought us lunch and he also helped serving the table.
The 4 of us were laughing, sharing memories and sharing principles about His Word. Wow, wow, yes you read correctly, “sharing principles about His Word”, my heart was so filled of gratitude and love. I would have never imagined in a thousand years that we would ever spent a Sunday as the one we did last week. So peaceful, so joyful and the reason is because my Husband was in the center of all of us, holding our hands together.
When I left, I had a huge smile in my face. Yeap, the one you normally have when the love of your  live has done the most amazing thing for you. I could not remove it from my face for the rest of the day. The feeling was just awesome.
My mum called me after I got home to tell me how blessed she felt of the beautiful Sunday, she had thanks to all the work God is doing in her life and that she can´t wait to see more.
You see, He is the King of the Impossibles. Turning ❤️ wherever He wants. Your prayers are powerful, let me encourage you to keep trusting and praying for your family´s heart to turn to Him. He knows what the desires of our ❤️ are and He will show us the way.

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  1. Oh dear Poppy, thank you for sharing your praise, I was so encouraged this afternoon.🥰
    I confess that my Sundays with my brothers changed a few years ago, and that was making my heart a little sad. In my prayers I always ask my Beloved to take care of it for me, because we had the habit of having lunch together every Sunday, always making a moment of thanks to God for these meetings that took place for over 18 years, and we could see these meetings end after my mother passed away… and I couldn’t understand why that happened. But today with your report I felt like it was his answer to me, that I need to keep handing this situation over to Him and resting so that He can show me what He wants to teach me with this whole situation.
    Like you, my dear, I will continue to believe that He is the King of the Impossible, and that only He can turn everyone’s hearts where He wants.🌹💕

    1. Yes sweet Marta, He is definitely the King of the Impossible and He is asking us to trust on Him and continue praying and praying. We may not see the results right away, but if we walk in faith, the miracles will happen.

  2. thank you Poppy for sharing this praise. It would be great if my brothers and sister along with my mother and I also had a relationship with our HH. I prayed for it and if He did it for you why wouldn’t He do it for me. That would be so great.

    1. My dear Kristine, I have no doubt He can turn everyones heart to Him and that He is working in your family as well. We must continue walking in faith, praying and asking for all that our hearts want and then wait to see the miracle. He is faithful.

  3. Thank you for your encouraging praise Poppy! I know that He will also answer my prayers and work in my family as well. I’ve written before how my brother and his girlfriend were unkind to me and rejected me for a while. I wanted to ask questions and know why and try to defend myself but thankfully I learned to do the opposite 🙌! Like the scripture you shared, just showing love that is patient and kind no matter what has drawn them back and now we all spend time together on most Sundays! I know He is still working and that someday we will be sharing our love for His word!

  4. Hi Poppy your praise came at just the right time for me. As you know how it can get in families I too have become estranged with a stepdaughter and a sister in law and just this morning I was praying to my HL to restore those relationships. And you know what He also said just wait and see what I will do. Wow what a confirmation to my prayer. Thanks for posting. Once again I cannot stress more the importance of Praises and what it could do for someone else. Soooo happppppyyyy for you and your family.

  5. WOW Poppy 🤩🤩🤩 how beautiful I am so excited, it is a beautiful testimony of the love that your Husband has placed in your heart and when we obey and follow His guidance He not only brings blessings on us but on those we love and who are our family. He encourages me a lot because currently I pray for the sibling relationship of my cousins and their relationship with their parents is also fractured, I trust that my Beloved is already taking care of it ❤️ Thanks for sharing.
    That smile when he did something to you is that kind of smile that makes your cheeks hurt hahahahaha I hope they don’t hurt so much 😘

  6. Beautiful praise my dear Poppy. I am glad your family is getting along so well!! Please share this praise in HomeGrown!!
    He is doing wonders in your family!!!

    1. Of course my dear, that would be amazing and see how my HH uses it to touch other lives. I have seen how PR are shared from one site to another, but I do not know how to do it. Maybe you can explain ? thanks

  7. Oh I agree with everyone else… Simply beautiful Poppy. You know how much I love to see the relationship with your mother, to heal, and all of these other relationships healing as well is MORE than I could possibly have imagined happening during your much deserved honeymoon.
    I’m just hoping to read more and more praises, like this, rather than the “good work” you’ve been busy doing that’s administrative. You, along with Yvonne, stepped up to rescue me from administrative so that I could minister more. But now look at what He’s done! He’s made a way for all 3 of us to be set free from administrative duties in order to heal, recover and honeymoon.
    With just 9 days remaining, promise me and mostly promise your Honey Love (😘I just left reading and commenting on Paula’s delicious praise https://encouragingwomen.org/bitter-or-better/) you won’t be doing anything ADM in nature. As a matter of fact, during my honeymooning my Husband and I have discussed at length eliminating the DOO Director of Operations position altogether because we (He and I) want more then anything to bless all our MTMs and be on a perpetual honeymoon so MINISTERING can continue taking center stage. 🥳🥳🥳
    You should be free to minister along with Anastasia in Spanish and also focus on your missionary ministering in French while you’re seeking a minister. Now that my Husband has presented it this way, making it official doesn’t need to be finalized privately because it is an exciting promotion that should be presented when your closest friends are present. I’m seriously 🥹 moved and relieved 😌 because you Poppy have so much to offer especially now during your healing ❤️‍🩹 😘😘😘

    1. Awwww Erin. I am so blessed with this time alone with Him, so happy to see how He is using this Honeymoon time for so many things: growing, praying, sharing, healing, ministering, trusting. As you said it is a good time to recover and to connect with our inner side, our passions. I am touched with this promotion. It is pretty amazing to have the opportunity to continue serving to so many hurting women in these difficult times and in my tongue language, what a treat. In fact, our Husbands put in touch Anastasia and myself a few days ago to talk about February ESP RMT and we were wondering if my ESP Blog User could be upgraded in order to help her approving the Brides´comments (as there are a good amount of them) and publish them fresh.
      My heart is full of joy and I thank my husband for blessing me by continuing as a French missionary, opening a road to encourage more and more ladies to follow Him while the Minister He is preparing is ready. This is an answer to one of my prayers as He knows how cherish & close this language is to my ❤️

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