The Only Way to Be Free

♕ Today's Promise: “You will be safe from slander  and have no fear when destruction comes.” Job 5:21

Dear Brides in this many challenging events of our lives we must learn many lessons to put us in another level of our growth. Here we learn that we must just exercise self control in everything we do, in all things. At times it might come in easy but other very difficult, here we learn that we simply should turn it over to the guide of our HH, it might seem difficult but we must trust His got our backs. Simply have faith !

I just like many women have thought about giving up and simply quitting, but deep down I know it's not an option, how far I am in my journey I can say I am afraid enough of my HH to quit or revert back to what I was before. I can't imagine my life to take a retroactive turn to slightly what I was. In today's Chapter 4 "When Do I Give Up?" I was simply taught to continue on my journey but most importantly to give all my worries, sins, failings, situations to Him, so that I can rest.

My current situation is that of deep pain as I have discovered that my EH is seeing a friend of mine and possibly has been for some time now, even though I took it in totally different from what I could possibly have taken with my old self. I still hurt deeply, I have non stop asked my God to help me in this process, I am totally aware that I can not do anything about it, that at this point the only solution is to give my heavy burden to my real Love. Most importantly trust in Him that he will see that I heal inside.

Like I said I will continue to make my Love my refuge in my time of need and deep hurt I shall not have any other counsel but Him. I will submerge myself in his word. Until I find the peace I need. I will also fast so that I can fully and understand what his will is for me.

“My beloved is mine, and I am His . . . When I found Him whom my soul loves; I held on to Him and would not let him go . . . For I am [wonderfully] lovesick” (Song of Solomon 3:2–4; 5:8). This verse is meaningful to me because I shall not give up until I am wonderfully lovesick, as I feel it's a promise that he has given me.

I have been struggling in doubt I have let the enemy in I am a work in progress, but I just cannot completely shake him off, I do find myself in deep despair for what happened, no matter how I pray and ask God to heal my heart it does not completely disappear so help me God.

Pray with me: Dear Lord this Chapter 4 "When Do I Give Up?" could not come in a better timing I know you are taking care of me, but I must confess that every now and then I have become weary and tired and upset angry and resentful. I have felt hatred towards them when I know I should not. You know better than anyone that I don't want this feelings I don't want to keep feeling hurt.

I have asked so many times to help me heal, and today I ask you to give me guidance and correction to do just that, I am tired and exhausted of feeling this way. Please please please make me new transform me and break me as many times as possible for me to get on the other side. I don't want to feel bothered or hurt for my EH actions or lack of. I would be lying if I said I did not, but with all of my heart I want to be completely free of all this pain, and I just want to continue experiencing You and being with you and live for you only you. So help me ̈PLEASE!

Dear Brides, many times we feel like there's simply NO more fight in us, I think its safe to say most of us have been there, while its ok to stop in ponder in such weariness we must continue and simply give all our burdens and that what sucks our energy to our love the one that is always there, its what are we going to do with the thought of giving up. I say surrender to him it's the only way to be FREE. Go on read on.

In Many Events of our lives we feel overwhelmed tired to point where all you would want to do is throw in the towel, oh it feels like we have given all the fight in us, but in this wonderful course Living the Abundant Life you will find there is still much to be done and it is not difficult to do. Through this Chapter 4 "When Do I Give Up?" we learn there must be self-control in all areas but many times is too difficult we learn here we must let go, and let God be, he will supply ALL our needs and that's ALL our needs we must trust and not doubt.

~ Emma in Sedona
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