FLM RMI’s Translations Ministry

In our Spanish Español ministry, we currently have 4 translators. Catalina in Honduras is translating (or working on) the Restored Marriage Testimonies, Español website content & proof-reader, Julissa from the Dominican Republic is translating our RMT’s from C1, already Camila in Argentina has translated up to Chapter 22 of By the Word of Their Testimony (Book 2): No Weapon Formed Against you will Prosper. 

Fanny in California has offered to help finish the A Wise Man (UN HOMBRE SABIO). Personal message: “Don’t worry Tara, I’m already in progress with the translation of this chapter, I’m probably halfway. I’ll push myself harder to finish asap. I can’t wait to see the translation completed as I have 2 brothers who are waiting for it. Blessings”

New births and progression with our other FLM ministries are:

Swedish Svenska ministry, which is a new birth through Linda in Portugal who has translated the RYM C1 book chapters, Psalms & Proverbs, MET Form, Praise Report Form and currently working on — Your Restoration Begins!

In our French Français ministry, we currently have 3 translators. Our active translator is Ghislaine from Cameroon a country in Central Africa who has completed the remaining chapters of A Wise Woman (Une Femme Sage) and is currently working on the front and back book cover. Aimée L. in Poland & Valerie in New York has been involved in proofing and quick translations when needed.

Slovak Slovenský ministry continues to be blessed: Marian in Slovakia translated the men’s RYM and worked with others to begin a publishing company, sowing back into RMI with tithes from book sales. Pictured are 1000 paperbacks ready to be spread throughout Slovakia! Also, Marian had requested the A Wise Man cover components to begin work on that too.

Turkish ministry is also a new birth through Sara in Turkey who has already translated the women’s RYM book chapters 1- 7 and is currently working on the cover & testimonies. More about and from Sara in an upcoming praise report next week 🙂

~ Tara who is currently in Japan