A Heart Full of Bitterness

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♕ Today's Promise: “Give your way to the Lord; trust him, and he will help you.” Psalm 37:5

~Maria in Brazil

☊ PR Audio

Dear ones, today I come to tell you what my Beloved has done in my life.

I was always worried about my finances after the divorce. I confess that I was terrified of being helpless, but thanks to Him, my son and I never lacked anything.

In the beginning, when I still didn't know Him and His principles, I looked for lawyers, with a heart full of bitterness because I wanted to feel better, as the world teaches, I wanted my ex earthly husband to feel financially, the pain I was feeling. Oh dear, how embarrassing I am, I myself pursued divorce with my own hands, another mistake I could have avoided, but the Lord has already forgiven me, and if you have the opportunity not to make those mistakes, I encourage you not to.

Give yourself to the only one who can heal your wounds and not let the scars cause you pain.

As I reported before, I did not know the principle of offering and tithing, only when I arrived at the RMI, I could truly know it and learn about His will.

I let the lawyers go, my ex earthly husband never fulfilled the promise of the pension agreement for our son, I don't say this to shame him but to honor our Beloved who never let us perish, on the contrary, he has given us the best of this land, from the moment I let go of what the world offers us, I learned to tithe and let Him be part of my life and everything changed.

I've already said in another PR (praise report), that our Beloved blessed me with a brand new car, which I had never imagined. Wow beloved brides, He knows everything, we need to ask what He wants us to do. My old laptop was an inferior brand, when I bought it I didn't seek for Him and I just went for the cheapest one, afraid that I couldn't afford it. In the “Poverty Mentality” course, we learned that we shouldn't talk and do this, it's like a slap in the face of our Beloved and that stuck in my mind. Now I sought God about the need to have a new laptop, dear brides, this old one just turned off suddenly. He led me to a very good promotion, wow, how wonderful He is, today I'm here writing this PR to glorify Him through the new laptop (laughs), with great settings and a great brand. He also gave me the opportunity to have a new, large, modern TV for the living room.

Let the Lord be part of everything, He wants the best for us.

“Give your way to the Lord; trust him, and he will help you.” Psalm 37:5

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