Addicted to FaceBook and Social Media

As I write this let me first most say it was hard, I was addicted to FaceBook and social media. I mean I thought it meant that I was going to be ok looking at my friends and their pictures and my EH family and their families but it was all lies.

Having let go of social media has given me a relief to try and see what I might find out of my EH and his life away from us. Now I can wake up to the being of just wanting to read the Bible and the word from our HH whom has always been there for me no matter how many times I have tried to leave him. He is there to comfort me at all times of the day. Reading his word and the devotionals daily are the best thing ever. They are the truth and they never lie. They are there for a reason. A constant reminder of what life can be when you really put yourself in his word and trust him with everything you have in your life. He is the one that can give me everything in my life that I was and am missing.

Our HH is the one to be able to get me through another day and understand all this happen for a reason to make me stronger and a believer in my faith in him the that will restore my marriage in his timing but for now it's him and I on this journey and then come my two blessings from him my 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Again I can not thank him enough for all the blessings, trials and tests that I have encountered. HH you are the best and you are all I want, You are all I need and You are what I live for.

Matthew 5:7 New International Version (NIV) Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

~ Mandy in California
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