Found Out Who my Fake Friends Were!

Today’s Praise about how God is working in my life. Our Love provides for us in ALL circumstances. I am very blessed. Although my EH left me and I was devastated, I have come to know that I am not alone–I was never alone, even through all the years and times that I foolishly thought that I was plowing my own way in life. I used to live in my own strength…fretting and struggling. I would have told you that life was a struggle, and I once believed that our duty was to struggle and worry and work very, very hard.

Now, even though I live physically alone (my children are all grown), I am never alone. My Heavenly Husband is right beside me. Now that I live on less than a fifth of what I used to get every month, I no longer fret or worry at all. (If I even begin to fret, I take it as an alarm to me that I need to go to His Word and spend time in prayer, speaking to my Heavenly Love!)
Over and over, He has surprised me by providing things for me when I needed them–even sometimes when I only desired them! Most of all, though, He has set up my life with the TIME I desire to be available to help my grown children. I’ve been present for both of my daughters’ babies’ births. I am able to spend time with my grandchildren. I just visited my college daughter where she is doing an internship. My Heavenly Love has even provided a lovely Christian couple to mentor her in this town far away!

I cannot describe the joy of living this way–trusting in Him!

Here I am: divorced–the one thing I most did not want, fearing being alone, lonely and sad. Yet, even in this physical aloneness I am blessed beyond imagination and filled with great joy: true friends (I sure found out who my fake friends were!), loving children with whom I have time to spend, and the PERFECT Heavenly Husband who loves me beyond imagination and who is ALWAYS with me, no matter what.

True JOY is trusting in HIM alone. It is the real freedom.

“Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. (Psalm 9:10 NIV)
Come to KNOW Him, then you will trust in Him, and in that trust, you will be FREE!

~ Beverly in Iowa who also heads up our Prayer Team, consider joining!