Friday #LALBride “Brides and Blue Mountain”

Dear Brides, I am now in Sydney, Australia!!! It’s been amazing, but first, let me start from the beginning. Before I left Singapore, I left my mom a voicemail, saying “I just wanted to let you know I’m currently at the airport, I just went through security, and you will not believe what the Lord did! Went to the check-in counter and the lady assisting me says, ‘Do you have an ETA for Australia?’ Like a visa and I said, ‘No, I don’t have a visa.’ She then says, ‘Okay, China?’ Which was where my layover was, and I said, ‘no.’ She said, ‘Well, I’m sorry without that, I can’t even check you in. Maybe you can file online.’ So I replied that I definitely need to do that! And asked how long does it take and she says, ‘It can take anywhere from a day or sometimes two for acceptance or even a reply.’ I was thinking, ‘Aha no, not with the Lord!’

“So be it if He wants me to wait, and maybe I need to stay with Vivian longer, but I’m ready to go to Australia! So I just stayed up, stayed positive, stayed happy and super nice to everyone. The Lord really helped me!! Then the ticketing agent gives me the website address, I go and fill out the seven-step process, and I promise in less than five minutes I was immediately approved!!! Can you believe it?! Not a day, not two days, but less than five minutes!!! The Lord is just so good, and I’m still so amazed. I even got an aisle seat and I’m on my way to the gate ready to board within an hour!!!” and that’s how my journey to Australia began!!

Dear Brides, I am still amazed I’ve spent so much time in Sydney, Australia and as amazing as it has been, it’s who I’ve met that has really made such an impact on me!

Our HH called me to a place I (and also my family) have always wanted to go. I began my time here by meeting one of our lovely brides Jennifer who had the amazing RMT “A Healthy Baby.” I loved the time I got to spend with Jennifer and her children!! I was invited to stay with her and her children over the weekend at a resort in Blue Mountain! Did not even know about Blue Mountain before this and if you google it you will see just how beautiful it is! Such an amazing invitation!!

Speaking with Jennifer over the phone for the first time was lovely, and the Lord used her to suggest I store my large suitcase at the airport while I take what I needed for the two days! From the Terminal I was able to connect to the train station where I traveled to the mountains. You should have seen me walking around with the biggest smile on my face just listening to the Australian accents and saying to myself over and over again that I’m in Australia!!!! I’m in Australia!!!! I’m in Australia!!!!

I’m just so thankful I got to meet Jennifer and her children who are so sweet and polite. They were very quiet but soon I was able to get them to open up! The eldest, thirteen-year-old girl, had a lot of questions concerning her school, which teaches many different faiths and also the age of the earth, etc. Before I knew it, I was able to share so much with her that I couldn’t stop. Since she just sat and listened, I apologized and said how I’m sure that I was talking too much, but she said, no, that she found it very interesting!! She’s quite intelligent, which I told her mom and she mentioned how she’d like her to get back into the bible via YouVersion audio, and I gave her a big yes to that while also encouraging her that maybe she might enjoy Alexander Scourby as well. Actually, a few days later, I was able to open my Alexander Scourby app while sitting looking at the Sydney Harbor— like having church— now that I am a “church without walls.”

Also had a sweet, sweet connection with Jennifer’s younger daughter who was the only one who would let me hug her while we walked around. The fifteen-month-old baby boy was the cutest thing. The Lord even set it up that when I was holding him, he began to touch his ears and head so I knew he was getting sleepy. I started to sway back and forth, and he fell asleep on my chest! The attraction of all attractions is the Skyway that takes you across by cable car over the eucalyptus trees of the Jamison Valley (Blue Mountains)! Ame had never done it nor her children nor had they gotten anywhere close to the Blue Mountains, so I prayed for the opportunity to treat them. Can you believe it was a fourteen minutes drive from our resort?!

Next, I met Lily who was also incredible to meet! She asked if I could manage to meet her at Manly Beach, which called for me to take the ferry from Sydney Harbour and passing The Sydney Opera House!!! When I made it to the other side, it was just so natural —as if I’d known Lily all my life!! Her face shines with His love, and we hugged each other as we began to walk. We talked for hours. Was also able to meet her children later that afternoon. My golly gosh Australian accents full on and just the nicest. Lily originated from Hong Kong, and her children are half Hungarian! Beautiful children a boy fifteen and girl twelve. Again another opportunity to chat and let the Lord lead with conversation as they were very curious about the American! I told Lily that I enjoy nothing more than meeting women from the ministry that have children who are an extension of them and it was evident that she was a fantastic mother and it showed in her fruits!

Looking forward to meeting up with Lily again before I leave!

~ Tara from the U.S.

As you’ve been reading, He’s LEAD Sara  & Tara along their own routes. Soon their routes will again merge when they meet in Istanbul.

So, once again, be sure to FOLLOW His brides individually until they meet again back in Turkey to continue the LALTour together again!

Sara   Tara are on Instagram #LALBride

If you’re one of His brides too— consider meeting to fellowship with them along their Abundant Life Journey. Sara is on her way to Brazil, while Tara is touring Asia: the Philippines, Japan, Singapore—then onto Australia!!

If you are serious about meeting either of our brides, please email:

We can let you know the dates and locations of where they will each be and forward your email on to them.

MINISTRY NOTE: Tara and Sara left Italy, after living in Sicily resting with their HH and doing ministry work—then departed from Rome—to continue on their LALTours alone with Him.

If you’ve just joined following the Encourager blog, it began when Tara met Sara and began traveling, with their first country Athens, Greece!! (Acts 17:16) then flew up to Dublin, Ireland and then traveled north by train to Belfast, Ireland. Belfast is where Erin’s grandfather was born and immigrated from.

After Ireland, they crossed the Irish Sea by ferry and made a short stop in Glasgow before heading to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Then Sara   Tara took the train down to London, England where are meeting at least 3 brides who’ve contacted us! One is Adele whose RMT you read last Saturday “Was I Sincere in the Apologies I Made to Him?” They are so excited to finally meet her!

Their first stop on the European continent was PARIS—where they hadn’t even planned to go! Yet He lovingly orchestrated a meeting with two brides in Paris, France and also another bride (and former minister) after traveling through Vienna, Austria. Saturday they were so excited to meet and spend time with Aimée in Slovakia!!

Last Friday our brides were in Venice, Italy then stopped in Florence and Pisa before heading to ROME (their final destination along their LALTour). For the next six weeks, they will rest physically and work from Sicily.

If there is ONE principle we repeat and follow it’s He LEADS ME

Psalm 23: 1-3—
“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He LEADS ME beside quiet waters. He restores my soul.”