HH did it!!!!! 2nd Annual Wise Woman Retreat in Cape Town South Africa

To God be all the Glory , and Honour and Praise!!!!

Greeting to All the lovely Ladies in our Ministry, it's been a while since I came to write something....that being said I am here to write about 2nd Wise Womans Retreat.

Firstly I would like to Thank Yvonne, Atarah, Adina, Janine and Alina for all their prayers and support.....As we have come to know being in RMI it's not easy work at all and I am indeed Gratefull that I am a VESSEL of Service being used by my HH to bring about the work of RMI in Cape Town.

To think I found the ministry when I was at the lowest in my life well so I thought and little did I know that there is Purpose in my Pain.....Because of the Pain that I went through HH placed it in my heart to share the Goodnews of RMI to Woman here in Cape Town.

Where do I begin?
Some time ago Atarah had conversations about how I see myself talking to woman about what the books have done in my life and that there is hope out there. This is really a vision came through for me on so many levels...

Some time in 2022 the team and I met and we shared ideas on how best do we bring the resources to woman who don't have access to it and we came up with a Week-end Retreat , A time to reflect , pause to just to soak yourself with your HH. Many of you might have read about our 1st Retreat we had last year here in Cape Town of which which Yvonnne and Team attended to which I refere as the National Team here in South Africa. This time around exactly a year later I am here to share about our 2nd Retreat we just had over the pass week-end. I am still in Awe and Basking in the goodness of God of how HH showed up for All of this weekend.

We had 24 Ladies + 4 for us as the team - Zarah, Aziah, Micah and Myself.......It was a week-end like nothing that we have experince. The Retreat took place at the beautiful Pelican Lodge on Zeekoeivlei with it's peaceful and calm surroundings. The ladies arrived the Friday not knowing what to expect and it was clear that they were feeling like a mixed bag of emotions.

We had a planned program for the Retreat but as you know we can plan but HH is the actual planner. Our week-end is based on the Wise Woman Book with a focus on 6 of the themes from the Book namely : 1 Love, Gentle and Quiet Spirit, Kindness on your Tonuge, Won without a word, Open the Windown of Heaven and Contentions Woman .....As the team each of us did a talk and then a practical testimoney on how we have lived out the principal and the the Ladies had guiding questions for their quiet time to reflect on, so the program is designed in such a way that the Ladies spend as much as possible alone time talking and journaling with HH.

It was very well received by the ladies to have so so much time alone with God. The weekend required a certain discipline to not have to many distractions and by being quiet and soak yourself in the word of God. We ended the Saturday with a Surrender Service and each lady was invited to write on a card the one area and or person that they need to surrender to HH. It was beautiful with candles and quiet worship background music, We also invited the ladies to pray for each other as we close the service....Hearts was changed in that space and HH showed up for sure.

I want to personally THANK Erin for her wisdom and being so open to us making using use of the books in such a practical way to bring in to so many woman in the way we do.

I want to Thank Kristine Daniels for donations of books for the woman and for the beautiful video we could share with the ladies

I want to Thank the SA Team: Yvonne, Atarah, Adina, Janine, Alina for all your prayers and financial support to some of the Ladies

I want to Thank our catering Team and well as host at the venue for Blessing us and for spoiling us

I want to THANK my team : Zarah, Micah and Aziah ...I cannot do any of this on my own

I want to THANK ALL the Ladies that showed for themseles this week-end and allow God to do the work that He has began

My gratefullness towards this Ministry is so Big that I will forever be THANKFUL for how it's changed my own Life..... I am BECAUSE OF YOU ....

May Many woman come into our Ministry to receive all love they need to pick themselves up again

With Much Love and Thanksgiving in my Heart the 2nd Annual Wise Woman Retreat was a BLESSED ECOUNTER on the Part of Woman investing in themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU HEAVENLY HUSBAND

Encouraging Women!!

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8 thoughts on “HH did it!!!!! 2nd Annual Wise Woman Retreat in Cape Town South Africa”

  1. I am so thankful that once again the Retreat was a success. Im also thankful that our Beloved put in on your heart and the teams heart to give in this way to change many womens lives with this quality time of having a Retreat with their Beloved who is calling each of them to Him. Its not by chance or coincidence ❤️🙏

    Thank you to Kristine Dutch ministry for donating this life changing books 💖 l agree it is so wonderful that these books and biblical principles are freely available to be taught in this way and may we continue spreading the word of truth that sets us free 🙌

  2. This past week end was LIFE CHANGING,I am so grateful to God for Blessing me wth Keziah nd her beautiful team,I had never met them b4 but as soon as I step into the house I knew that I was home,I knew that I was just where God needed me to be,Thank u ladies for ur Obedience to God and that u for being a Vessel in Changing my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Thank u RMI Cape Town🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Thank you, Keziah, Zarah, Micah and Aziah for answering your Heavenly Husband’s call to help hurting and broken women in desperate need of their Beloved Saviour. Thank you for sacrificing so much of your time to win more brides for our Beloved. More brides to live the Abundant Life He died to give us.

    And off course Kristine thank you for the books! WW changed all of our lives when we were led to RMI broken and desperate!

    I just know that it was a blessed weekend, just like last year. I can still recall the absolute blessed atmosphere that surrounded the weekend.

    Can’t wait for WWR3!!

  4. I am so thankful to our HH how the RMI CPT unfold the weekend we could not have without HH and Erin for her that put it all in a book for us to learn from and Lady K for her obedience to the call for the RMI CPT all the donation and prayer.

    I believe more ladies will be equipped through this CPT Retreat and to do it in the face to face as most ladies are more into having face to face meeting.
    All glory for our HH 🙌

  5. Que gran bendición, leer este elogio, no sabía que se realizaban retiros, pero verdaderamente creo que han oido y seguido la voz de su amado en todo esto, porque estoy segura aunque no estuve ahi, pero al leer la emoción plasmada en este elogio que El estuvo ahi y fue guiando ese fin de semana, toco corazones y eso queridas damas es algo maravilloso!!
    me uno a su alabanza y doy gracias porque este y muchos retiros mas se sigan realizando ahi y en todos los confines de la tierra:
    Isaías 49:6
    Él dice: «Harás algo más que devolverme al pueblo de Israel.
    Yo te haré luz para los gentiles,[a]
    y llevarás mi salvación a los confines de la tierra».

    Isaías 35:3-4
    Nueva Traducción Viviente
    3 Con esta noticia, fortalezcan a los que tienen cansadas las manos,
    y animen a los que tienen débiles las rodillas.
    4 Digan a los de corazón temeroso:
    «Sean fuertes y no teman,
    porque su Dios viene para destruir a sus enemigos;
    viene para salvarlos»

    What a great blessing, to read this eulogy, I did not know that retreats were held, but I truly believe that you have heard and followed the voice of your loved one in all of this, because I am sure even though I was not there, but when reading the emotion expressed in this eulogy that He was there and guided that weekend, he touched hearts and that, dear ladies, is something wonderful!!
    I join in his praise and give thanks that this and many more retreats continue to be held there and in all the ends of the earth:
    Isaiah 49:6
    He says: “You will do more than return me to the people of Israel.
    I will make you a light for the Gentiles,[a]
    and you will bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.

    Isaiah 35:3-4
    New Living Translation
    3 With this news, strengthen those whose hands are weary,
    and encourage those whose knees are weak.
    4 Say to those with a fearful heart:
    «Be strong and do not fear,
    because your God comes to destroy your enemies;
    he comes to save them »

  6. Wow this is all the work of our Darling Lord and I am so grateful for what He is doing all over the world, but now especially in South Africa in the beautiful Cape Town.

    Thank you for sharing precious Keziah and your precious team: Zarah, Micah and Aziah, that allowed our Darling Lord to lead you with this life changing weekend. I know that is only the start in the lives of these beautiful women.

    And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. P1:6 https://biblehub.com/philippians/1-6.htm

  7. Thank you Thank you to our RMI team Cape Town
    Keziah,Zarah,Micah,AsiaH well done for your excellent work God is not Finished with you there’s a lot that you still needs to do there’s a lot off women in pain in Cape Town that needs to hear ur story as I heard it last weekend at the Women’s Retreat it was a great opportunity to be part of this life changing message still pondering on the topics Wow our God is great there’s nothing that he cannot do I strongly believed that all women that was part and myself God in not finish with us … thank you for sharing the truth with so much boldness and liberty you are covered by God and our prayers love you dearly you become part me thinking everyday about you in my prayers ❤️🙏🫂🌺😘

  8. Dear Keziah,

    how wonderful to read that this second meeting was another successful🥳weekend for many women. How wonderful it is for me to know that there are ladies again who want to devote their hearts and lives to Him, our Heavenly Beloved who gave His life for us and longs for us. I am very happy to read that our African brides, Atarah, Adina, Yvonne, Janine and Alina have supported prayer. Which is also so important for a successful, blessed success for such a weekend. To these ladies, be blessed and receive all the good things our Lord has planned for you. I’m happy to read that you had great help Keziah during this weekend. Receiving so many ladies who are looking for Hope to have happiness again in their lives is extremely important.
    But I still want to thank first of all from my heart Erin Thiele for her dedication and obedience to the voice of her Lord for writing and distributing the book “The Wise Woman”. My heart’s desire is still that many women worldwide will read this book, which consists of basic principles from the Bible, and apply them in their lives. Not only for saving or regaining their marital relationships, but for many other relationships that they, like me, have broken off due to lack of knowledge. Even though sometimes I still don’t understand why things go the way they do🤔. One thing I have learned is that He all knows why some situations happen in our lives. And that everything is for our good. He loves us ♥ and wants nothing more than for us to know the heart of our Lord through the intimate relationship we can have with Him if we give Him our heart.

    I pray that you and the ladies you have brought into your team will have the opportunity to have “The Wise Women” weekend each year. I saw your photos and couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw the large group of women who were present again this year. If my Lord wills, I will one day be a witness to this wonderful spectacle myself. Even though I don’t know you personally, I know that we are connected through our Heavenly Husband who will win many more brides to Him.

    Dear Keziah, it is not without reason that you ended up at RMI✨. The Lord has big plans for you. He has already started to use you for the women around you. However, I believe this weekend will continue to grow until you come true as Isaiah says. Together with the brides who support you from your country in prayer, this is becoming a fruitful ministry. Which will be great.

    “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; do not be sparing in them; lengthen your cords and fasten your stakes. For you will spread to the right and to the left, and your descendants will possess the nations.” and populate the desolate cities.”

    I believe that in every country it is necessary to have such a weekend of Wise Women. Erin once started meetings that were very blessed. And Africa and all the other countries we represent at RMI will follow. And only because a woman was the bridge builder for us. How great is that.

    I feel very honored that I could contribute to the work of my Lord. Could give back what He has blessed me with. I am also very grateful that I can witness the many wonderful testimonies of women who tell how their lives have changed after meeting Him💞. Because these testimonies🙏🏾are so important to keep holding on and believing that where we are now, we are on the right path. There is nothing better than a life with Him by our side. That is why I also pray and hope that you can agree with me that this group of women will be the new generation that others will encourage again this year for next year.
    All praise and honor belongs to our Lord who will cause the seed that is planned to grow.

    I would like to say to all the ladies who were present this weekend that they could not have made a better choice. I look forward with great anticipation to the praise reports and journals that will be completed. Be aware that even if you don’t want it, life-changing things will happen.
    It is certainly no coincidence that you were present this weekend. God has heard your prayers. Whether they were intelligible or not. He will answer them. Finally, I would like to encourage you ladies with this Bible verse:

    “For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren; and whom He did predestinate, these He also called; and whom He called, These He also justified; and those He justified, these He also glorified. The certainty of faith What then shall we say of these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8 is advisable to read in its entirety.

    Lots of love to all the brides at RMI 😍

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