His Love Endures Forever πŸ₯³β€

This morning when I woke up, this Psalm was in my head so I am led to share it with all of you this morning.


These last three years have really been years of trials, but this year, His has promised me rest, and wow, He gave more than I could ever hope for. Even when there are trials, they never last long and He gives me so much peace while I go through them. I never really thanked Him here for it, but I want to do it now. πŸ’•

I want to thank my Husband for giving me the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Ladies, today I want to encourage each of you to become an encouraging woman no matter whether you are going through trials or whether you are in a period of rest at the moment. And a perfect way to do that is to be encouraged yourself and then turn around and encourage someone else. I want to refer you to a PODCAST I had with Erin where she mentioned the Scotland Principle, you can find it in this lesson:


Now, you wonder, how can you do that? Well, it is super easy, just speak to your Heavenly Husband and ask Him and then start doing our courses. As you complete your Journals and notes, they will be used to minister to other women, as easy as that! That is how we all got started and here we are today, living in His peace and being able to minister to each of you. ❀

Please go to https://rmiou.com/ daily for new content to see how you too can become a minister and start your own ministry.

2 thoughts on “His Love Endures Forever πŸ₯³β€”

  1. Yvonne I’m so excited to see how IOU is slowly and beautifully changing and becoming what He’s planned. It’s a bit crazy that I hadn’t planned to participate but after recording quite a few lessons https://rmiou.com/iou-wordpress-1-8-shorts/
    and I asked Him, β€œWhat going on?” He said, β€œDon’t you LOVE πŸ’— to teach? Isn’t it one of your passions?” Of course He knows me best!

  2. My dear, I am so happy that our Beloved is giving you rest and that you are working with Him to teach others to be encouragers!!! We must not lean on our own understanding and trust in the journey He has designed for us!! Our lives are open letters and with https://rmiou.com/ we now can learn to be a light for the ones that are suffering!!!
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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