How did you Find Me?!

Many years ago I opened my FB profile but years later FB ended up being a nightmare for me! A living nightmare… It happened when I went through my marriage struggles… My EH never had a FB profile and he was never interested to have one either until the OW requested he open one. I, of course, was not a "friend" but I later heard from my sister-in-law whose sister had the OW as her "friend" on FB, about the pictures the OW was posting of the happy couple. Of course, it absolutely killed me inside knowing that there were pictures on FB of my EH and the OW that other people could see. This led me to have so much heartache. I'm sure many of you reading this can relate!

I am so grateful and I want to just really thank my HH, my Love, for giving me this ministry to reach out to hurting women and to use such a popular platform like FB which has so much capacity to hurt to be used for GOOD!!

Looking back I wish that I had read the course on Fasting Facebook back during my marriage struggles! I am absolutely positive that if I had known it would have saved me from so much hurt!! Interestingly enough in my BNN profile to share Hope on FB, I was asked a question in one of my posts: 'I thought FB is not recommended?' His word says a gentle answer turns away wrath. Proverbs 15:1. I answered gently saying 'True, this profile is ONLY to share HOPE and is created on my BNN' to which I received a "Like" as the response. It doesn't end there… Later I was asked by this same person "How do I let Go? This is something I struggle with" I was quickly able to copy the "Letting Go" lesson & pasted it.

2 Days ago a woman sent me a message asking me 'How did you find me?!' and told me that she had been trusting for her marriage for 2 years and was just about to give up hope until she found a link that I had posted!! She thanked me, telling me that she had found Hope! She purchased the "How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage" book and when she received it excitedly took a picture to show me :))

Oh, and there was another lady who thanked me for inviting her. She said that her ministry was also to hurting women but that she was still suffering years later from brokenness due to abuse in her marriage. I know that I am not equipped to help ANY women only my HH is able to. So after SG I merely sent her the link to Hurdles > Emotional Pain & Suffering Healed!, the page has the link to the lessons as well and encouraged her to SG.

Years back during the start of my marriage troubles I was a "Stander" and I was still a part of "Stander" group on FB. In my new FB BNN profile, He led me to first become a member of "Stander" groups again and other groups like "Lord heal my broken marriage (group)" "Praying for Marriage" and from these groups, I invite the woman to become my "friend". Every now and again when a post comes up in my Newsfeed from these groups I post the link and today I posted the link to the Facing Divorce course as there was a post which mentioned Divorce.

Thank you, HH!! I feel like I have found my true purpose! There are soooo many women out there looking for hope, they are so hurt and confused, heartbroken, just like we once were. I love encouraging other women and just posting links to or something I read in the Encourager or a Course makes it so easy to be an Evangelist! Light and easy! I know that I am most certainly not done and I am excited to see where He leads me in the future to share Hope 🙂 It's great to have a ministry of my own which gives glory to the One that I love, it's wonderful to fulfill the calling He has on my life.

Seek Him and ask Him to lead and guide you to find out His calling and purpose for your life!

Isaiah 54:2-3 Amplified Bible (AMP) “Enlarge the site of your tent [to make room for more children]; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, do not spare them; Lengthen your tent ropes. And make your pegs (stakes) firm [in the ground]. “For you will spread out to the right and to the left; and your descendants will take possession of nations. And will inhabit deserted cities.

He answered my prayer to send the hurting women needing hope and to use this platform for HIS purposes!!

Atarah in South Africa
Evangelist Team