I was Encouraged, Definitely What l Needed 😊

Good morning stunning brides, it’s been a while since l posted a praise here! But l just wanted to share my heart in this praise with you ☺️

So yesterday l attended the Zoom Fellowship with Adina and lsabella our hosts and a few other ladies, Mia, Keziah, Suishie and Veronica ❀️

I enjoyed the fellowship so much and what was shared encouraged me and just opened up my heart to things that the ladies shared that l also want to trust the Lord for πŸ™ŒπŸ™

Well let me boast about my weaknesses and tell you l have been struggling with time and just getting thru what needs to be done each day while still having time to rest and spend with my beloved. I do know that in the W@H book Erin mentions somewhere about being more organized and then even having time to take a nap! Wow sounds amazing and too good to be true! But with Him we know that anything is possible πŸ™Œ So l have decided to commit to keeping up with each weeks lesson that l need to read. They did PM this week so next week it’s W@H. They are alternating each week.

I have read thru the W@H but l never completed it. I think this will be a good opportunity to get thru the whole book.

Last year l hosted many of our fellowships so I’m just reflecting on what a blessing it is to just attend and be ministered to by listening and sharing πŸ’–β˜ΊοΈ

Ladies come and join us especially if you are interested in W@H or PM. And remember W@H is not just for if you are a working from home. It’s for any woman that has a family and home to take care of.

Hope to see you there! Adina Isabella if you reading this please add the info for anyone that wants to join us. Everything is all set up now ladies for you to join the fellowships πŸ™Œ

Just so thankful He showed me this wonderful opportunity to join other like minded brides to join me on this journey of learning and l get to be encouraged πŸ˜‰

1 thought on “I was Encouraged, Definitely What l Needed 😊”

  1. Thank you so much for those encouraging words!!! My sweet brides, we are being blessed by these two books!! The way the Lord leads us to combine is just amazing!!! As Atarah shared, please just come and listen to how the Lord is changing our homes and minds!!!
    Please join us and let us experience His love, care, and provision always!!

    W@H/PM Group Members 🏑: https://homegrownministries.com/wh-group-members/

    W@H / PM Zoom Fellowship 🏑: https://homegrownministries.com/hp/ww4hp/wh-pm-zoom-fellowship/

    To register please visit the W@H Group Registration πŸ’»: https://homegrownministries.com/wh-group-registration/

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