“I’m so Excited about my New Life with You”

Mary in California who is separated wrote to us. Thank you for your gift. I came away these past 30 days with more peace in my life that I have not had in a long time, more hope and more faith. The Lord blows me away, and I continue to not even know what He has in store for me; Your will be done.

When I found you, my husband moved 8 hours away to our hometown with our 2 furry children to pursue a new career. Since then, I have seen the so many sins I did not see before, experienced a renewed relationship with the Lord, closed a business I built a year and a half before, and moved back to our hometown by the prompting of my husband and a confirmation from the Lord. What I feared the most was if I let go, my husband would not pursue me. Boy, was I wrong. We are not yet restored, however, my intimacy with the Lord has transformed abundantly. I experience miracles every day and get to share Jesus or Marriage restoration every day in some way. I have been jobless and homeless, and He has provided all I need. He is amazing!

Thank you God for being so gracious to me; thank you for never leaving me nor forsaking me; thank you for this new season you are bringing me in and all you have provided on this journey. You are so faithful; you are so good!

Don't move unless the Lord leads and then confirms. He will guide your steps, because He is so kind and gracious and cares about every detail...and if you are lost, just get back on track, as He is there to redirect you. Thank You!! Thank You!!

We also heard from Lori in North Carolina who is also currently separated, she wrote:

WOW! I have learned so much through taking this online course. When I found the book "How God Can and Will Restore your Marriage," I--with my "to do list" self-- thought, “Yes, finally I have found a resource that will tell me how to restore my marriage.” But GOD used this book, the lessons and the testimonies to restore my relationship with HIM the way He intended it to be. I had lost my first Love. GOD showed me so much about myself and changed my thinking about myself, my husband and about HIM. I am so excited about my future with my Heavenly Husband. Thank you for giving to this ministry; because you gave, GOD has used this ministry to change my life.

I bought this book thinking it would tell me what I needed to do to restore my marriage (A To-Do List.) God has not restored my marriage to my earthly husband yet, but He has restored my marriage with my Heavenly Husband, and I am extremely grateful for my new life with Him. Words can't explain the freedom and joy that I am experiencing in my life. God is my first love, and I never want to go back to putting Him in the 'when I have a chance I will spend time with Him' slot. I have prayed for a miracle in my situation; God has shown up and blessed me with Himself. PTL!

Father, Thank you for this ministry. You have used this ministry to change my life. I am so excited about my new life with You. Thank you for leading me to the ministry. Thank you for each and every lady that devotes their time, money, prayers and encouragement into this ministry, so that many lives can be changed for You. Thank you, Father, for bring these ladies through so much, and thank you for their willingness to share with others what you have done for them and their families. Thank you for hearing my cry for help. Thank you for the future You have for me, my husband and my family.

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