IOU Countdown starting!!!

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I am so excited and overwhelmed by what my Husband is doing. It is almost time for IOU to open up and those ladies that are new here and don't know yet, it is our University that is opening.

What He is showing us to do there is to help everyone that wants to start their own ministry and become a Coach, have their own website and minister to others. Can you see it happening? Can you see it all growing and growing? I want to remind you of our promise for 2023:

Ladies, talk to your Husband and ask Him what is showing you for May 1st. Will you be the bridge builders that will take our courses that we are developing for you so you are able to help others. I want to thank Adina from LoveAtLast.ORG, Atarah from and Isabella from for coming together and following their Husband and Erin sharing her wisdom to get some of the courses ready for you by the 1st of May. I was also reminded of a lesson in the Wise Woman that I want to share with you:

In the weeks to come I will be sharing a little every week with you of what He is doing!

Encouraging Women!!

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6 thoughts on “IOU Countdown starting!!!”

  1. Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really exciting!!! I can´t wait to see the new instructors and the ladies preparing themselves to coach others!!

  2. This is great news 🙂 Our Husband is always doing new and exciting things and as we take His hand we are always in awe of what He does!!

  3. WOW This is amazing!!!! This is indeed powerful….. I am was looking forward to it….. I remember Yvonne talking to me about this….. I am ready to start this new journey

    Thanks so much for all you working behind the scenes

    God Bless This Ministry
    Keziah Solomon
    Cape Town
    South Africa

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