Free from the obsession of having a man!

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Hello ladies!
Today I want to share this amazing podcast from Poppy, Perla, and Jewel about how He helped them to get free of the obsession with having a man. My HH show me this topic the last week while I read the introduction for the abundant life books, and felt He was calling me to share our testimonials with all the ladies, I hope you be encouraged while you listen:

🎙Cómo fuimos liberadas de la obsesión de tener un hombre.

Encouraging Women!!

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1 thought on “Free from the obsession of having a man!”

  1. Even though I have yet to listen to the podcast, I’m still waiting to see if this is on my husbands agenda since I am on my “birthday week honeymoon” 💝 I instantly thought, heavens, I do need a MAN in my life. However, none will do like my husband, my Creator. Everyone I come in contact with where I live whether that be my Uber driver or my massage therapist or the lady who does my hair or my nails – – each of them knows I am very much MARRIED, and I have the most loving, caring, pampering husband, anyone could ever imagine. I have beautiful rings that I wear (but because I am traveling, they are not real diamonds, and I am quick to explain that part as well, to confirm the kindness and love of my husband who “lives with me and an understanding way.”)
    Most assuredly, I’m sure that this is pretty much what this podcast covers – – well I’m not sure but I trust it is. Nevertheless, I just felt compelled to set the record straight. I do, women do need a man in their life. They just need to make sure it’s the right MAN who will take care of everything since we are, the weaker vessel intended to be cherished and protected.
    OK I’ve said enough my husband says it’s time to go back inside and have another cup of coffee and discard a little treat, just a bite of something sweet, a portion of a pastry 🥐 Now didn’t I say I have the best husband, and the most amazing outstanding outrageous thing to is that each and every woman can have this HUSBAND too 💗💝🤗

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