Is there anything you need?

I must confess I haven’t always leaned on God for help, especially when going through any sort of financial crisis. When he tells me to be still it just makes me want to do more. This past month I’ve been in the biggest financial crisis of my life but I still tithe and give when he leads me to 2 weeks ago my HH has moved me and my kids into a luxury apartment with no job and no income . He’s been telling me not to panic and I have my moments but I desire to be obedient. Since I used to have a hard time trusting in him alone I erased ALL my phone contacts and told him if he wanted to provide for me through others they would call and ask ” if there is anything that I need” and that way I’ll know he sent them . So today I started worshipping him in my empty apartment to a song called I Will Wait for you and INSTANTLY my brother called me and asked what I needed. So i let him know about my phone bill and how i would be walking to the food bank tomorrow to get food and he sent me money to go grocery shopping. Now when my kids get home I don’t have to scrape together meals from the stuff we have left over.

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6 thoughts on “Is there anything you need?”

  1. querida bellísima rosa! ciertamente Él nunca nos abandona, y doy testimonio de ello. al inicio de mi viaje pocos meses después, comenzó mi crisis financiera, que duró poco, creo que era lo necesario. siempre me he apoyado en mi padre terrenal para que me ayude cuando necesito dinero, pero cuando comencé a entender que no debía hacerlo, aún no conocía que el señor era mi proveedor, pero queria confiar en que Él lo haría. un día, tenía muy poca comida para mis hijas y para mí, sabía que si llamaba a mi esposo terrenal, o a mi padre, o mi madre o mi hermano, me darían dinero o comida sin pensarlo para muchos días, pero ese día confíe y le dije que Él era mi proveedor, así que no dije nada a nadie sino a Él mientras mi corazón se encogía.
    en la tarde mi padre vino a casa a vernos y cuando se iba a ir me entrego dinero y me dijo: imagino que no tienes mucho dinero, sonreí y le recibí, lo abracé y mi corazón alabo a mi amor.
    así actúa Él y me alegra que lo haga también contigo.

  2. super bellissima, 🌟💐🤗 this is exact example how we should live…firstly to tell Him and then He provide trough the people….I am happy you could experience it…😍🌺

  3. Dear precious Billissima, thank you for sharing this beautiful praise, He is really the best Provider ever!!! And I know and believe our Darling Lord is going to keep on coming through for you!

  4. thanks for sharing, He is a great provider and he never fails, He always show up and thats the story we have to share!!

  5. Thank you Bellissima for sharing, it reminded me of the first two years after my journey started and I had nothing, I took the first step of obedience and started to tithe from the little I had, and I don’t know how, but He always provided, whether it was through family or orders for sewing etc that just kept coming in. My children and I always had food to eat and I was always able to pay my bills.

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