W@H Ch2: “Just when l needed it”

Hi dear brides πŸ€—

Im really excited because l completed the FDA course and today l am continuing with W@H Chap 2 https://hopeatlast.com/c3/w-h/wk2/.

Its really amazing because l have read many lessons but l never journaled them…. I’m feeling so motivated to complete them now. Im just finding the timing so amazing because school is just about to close for the year and the kids are already home except to fetch their reports.

I was kinda feeling bad because if l had journaled the lessons when l read them then l would have been done… HE reminds me that ALL things work together for good.

Because its the perfect timing as my daughters room desperately needs some decluttering again and l need to sort out my sons clothes to give to my nephew when we get together for Christmas.

I was feeling really irritated and frustrated with my daughter and the state she has been leaving her room in but now l see my Husband had a different plan HE wanted me to 1st read the lesson and speak to Him before getting angry and jump ahead to start decluttering. I believe that His timing is perfect πŸ™Œ i need to seek Him because l need to speak to my daughter about this.

My home needs some attention before the holidays but the great thing is the reminder that l am not alone. My darling Husband is with me so l can take the time to speak to Him 1st.

John 15:5 says, β€œI am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.”

Apart from Him l can do nothing, apart from Him l feel irritated and frustrated. This was a good self check for me and im really so grateful that HE is there no matter what l need to do. He is a comforting and loving presense in my life and it was a really good reminder ☺️

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4 thoughts on “W@H Ch2: “Just when l needed it””

  1. Dear Aatrah, I feel identified with your thought, not having made the diary when I studied it leads me to do it now that I am in the plan of preparing the house for the holidays, but since all our Beloved has it under control this will also be me. It will help keep order at home for this time of year, but also to give away what I no longer use and that can be a blessing to another familyπŸ₯°.

    1. Yes Perla 😜 amazing His leading to read and journal this course at this time of the year as we get ready for the holidays. We always have stuff that needs to be given away, typically our homes are always needing time and attention throughout the year but mainly before the holidays…

  2. Thank you for sharing dear Atarah and for the reminder that He is a comforting and loving presence in our lives, we can really do nothing without our Darling Lord.

    1. Yes Janine that really stuck out for me that apart from Him l can do nothing…. But when we abide in Him we can bear much fruit πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ

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