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I am so sorry ladies for my absence in sharing the news coming from the Portuguese Blog πŸ’”
We started a series of Podcast of different themes, such as: Heavenly Husband, Let it Go, Discovering the Other Woman,  Going through Divorce and so on.  These podcasts will happen among our ministers, while they talk about their own experiences.
We are so happy to share the post for you to also listen and we want to praise our Heavenly Husband because He is calling the ladies to comment and to watch the videos at our YouTube channel!
So please come listen, join, comment and share πŸ“€

πŸŽ™Podcast – Marido Celestial ❀️

2 thoughts on “Latest news from the Portuguese Blog”

  1. Opening our hearts in these PodCast has been wonderful, and also being able to, in addition to sharing our experience, know that we are taking the hope that one day we found so that we can continue on our journey.
    Very happy that He is allowing us more this experience in being His witness.
    Much love to you!🌷

  2. It’s been amazing opening our hearts and talking about our experiences through the Podcasts! It’s like a retrospective on our Journeys and it’s wonderful because we can see all the transformations He did and still do in us, and plus, to be able to
    help others with our experience!! I’m so grateful to have Him as my true Love!!

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