Second Chance

Hello dear ladies! On this occasion I want to praise my beloved Husband because He has started a new process in me by taking up the lessons of the course β€œBreaking free from the Poverty Mentality", note that I wrote the full title of the book and not just β€œPoverty Mentality" because it is fair what I feel He wants to do, not just teach me what the poverty mentality is but free me from it.Β 

I recently started with the reading the second chapter and He has already given me a second chance after I made silly comments stating He would not want to please me in something, but I could only afford me what is strictly necessary. Once I ask Him for forgiveness I also asked Him for a second chance to get rid of that kind of thinking.

He did it this weekend leading me to a clothing store and for a moment we thought the shirt we were holding in our hands was a β€œluxury” and really not even expensive we just have been so used to it to be moderate so as not to stray from the "normal" budget that we feel guilty when we want something extra, but my Husband has taught me that He is generous, not stingy, he likes to give good things, so we should not fear, but it is also necessary sharing with others what we no longer use to maintain balance and not fall into any ditch. Let me share the podcast about it that He led me to record the last week:


Additionally, He has led us as a Spanish team to share a small podcast series about kindness in our tongue, the first episode was about gossip. We are so happy with the way He is feeding us and helping us to be closer to Him!!


And let me close with a flourish by sharing this week's Perla and Jewel podcasts that also nourished us and filled us with encouragement:



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