Longing for Recognition + “Be E Audio”📣

♕ Today's Promise: “Then Jesus said to His disciples, ‘If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me." Matthew 16:24

Dear Bride, Put your burdens down at HIS feet. NO MORE STRIVING or PAIN!! You will gain HIS PEACE that passes all understanding, and you will live in daily JOY!

How TRUE this Living Lessons Week 11 “Preachy” rings! We have all been "turned off" by someone who either preaches to others OR brags about themselves. We have all probably preached or bragged ourselves. I know that I have been preachy and I have bragged to others. Sometimes, my Heavenly Love will help me realize immediately so that I can apologize or just confess to Him, depending upon His desire.

Sometimes it can be hard when we are very excited about something we have learned or accomplished. We want to share with others so that they can also experience the joy, BUT we must be cautious to follow HIS lead, or else we might come across as braggadocious or preachy. He will guide us in the way and timing to share what we learned.

For me, it has been the times of RUSHING to share that have ended up awkward and unhelpful. When I take the time to ask Him when/where to share, sometimes He tells me to hold my tongue. Sometimes He tells me to wait. At other times, He leads me to proceed, but He almost always has me lead with some sort of self-revelation or apology that makes the hearer see that HE is reaching out.

In fact, I have been amused a few times to hear one of the people with whom I spoke to later share the same thing with me. They totally did not remember that I shared it! Each of those times, each person led the story with, "I want to tell you what the Lord has shared with me!" 🙂

I think, in the past, I would have been offended and would have wanted to say, "Hey! I'm the one that told you that." BLUSH! That would have been my pride speaking. Now, instead, I feel great joy and humility that my Heavenly Love USED ME to share HIS WORD, and the proof of it being HIS WORD is that the other person totally forgot about me!! I was His vessel, and that is a great honor!!! It brings me JOY!

I will continue to speak with my Love throughout each day, asking Him to lead me and use me to share HIS WORD, HIS JOY, HIS WISDOM with others.

Heavenly Love, Oh how I used to strive to be good and correct and "perfect." Oh, how I used to long for approval and notice from others!

But YOU, my Love, have cured me of that sickening longing for recognition. Now, I long for Your quiet approval and guidance. Now that I understand that this is all that matters, I have PEACE and JOY throughout my days!

My Love, I thank you for my life, for BOTH the hard times and the good, for by them You have brought me to long for Your Love, alone. You have taught me that all that matters is YOUR approval...and BEST OF ALL: You do NOT require perfection from me for me to be approved! Instead, I am covered with YOUR perfection and holiness!!! What Joy it is to be covered by YOU!

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)

We need to imitate Him, for it is HIS love that covers ALL sin!

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