LOVE at all Times

Dear brides, Our biggest Testimony is not so much what we say but how we live our lives. Continue to Love above all else and live with those around you in an understanding way and others will see Him that lives in you and want it also.

So growing up I was taught to love but to defend yourself if someone was doing wrong to me. It was my right to make sure I was not taken advantage of. So in other words, love those who deserve to be loved and let those around me know there are conditions to receiving my love. This was normal and expected. When I came to RMI that was my heart towards my EH until I read His truth.

I will be honest, there were many scriptures that I read in the RYM book that I knew very well, but it wasn't until I came to Him, with a broken spirit, that I finally understood and He revealed His heart to me. When I finally understood His heart and I experienced His love and forgiveness, that is when I realized I was no one to show any different to others because He deserved my obedience.

I want to share about my mom, who through a difficult time, has softened her heart to this principle. I share this because when I spend time with her I tended to find myself getting in conversations that ended up criticizing others. She never hesitated to speak her mind if she didn't like something about someone. An example was my SIL, and me being her daughter, she felt comfortable letting out all her complaints. Maybe because I would just sit a listen. I always tried to just agree so to not throw fuel on the fire, but I struggled with this because sometimes I felt bad because by not contradicting, was I just as bad? Or sometimes I would say something but not defending her because it was bad what she did. Hearing all of it I would then have to run to my HH because I would feel my heart turning hard towards my SIL. So for that, I ask forgiveness.

I prayed to my HH to restore the relationship with my mom and my SIL so that they can see each other in an understanding way and just love each other. Well, He did it. Due to illness my mom was sent to the hospital and my SIL being a nurse, she cared for my mom like her own mother and that not only restored their relationship, my mom had softened her heart to know Jesus as her HH. I can see know how instead of complaining, she is finding the good she sees in others and sharing about that. As a matter of fact, one of the prayers that she shared with me was for Him to change her so that she can love others no matter who or what they have done to her.

One of the most amazing things I have learned in my walk with my HH is to LOVE at all times. This is one of the most difficult principles when I started, but as I spent more time with Him and He continued to reveal His heart to me, I knew there was no other way. This is something that we can share with others but the most powerful is to show it to others around you.

After understanding this principle of Love, then living with others in an understanding way came naturally. Like Erin says in Living Lessons Week 33 “An Understanding Way”, not to say I don't feel the pain, but because I have Him in such an intimate way, He comforts me and shows me others through His eyes and in turn I can Love others with His love that flows through me.

My Love, thank you for always allowing me to come running to you and receive me with open arms and flood me with your Love!! I am amazed how You are showing this to those around me also!

1 Corinthians 13:8 Love never fails!!

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