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Hi ladies,

This week the PTG wants to share with you a little bit of the path He is leading us through regarding tithes and offerings.

For a lot of us and many women that come to us, talking about tithing is like a taboo, isn't it? Many of us could have had bad experiences at the churches and can be hurt about it, can you feel in any sense related to this?
That's why is so beautiful when we found the real meaning of tithing - this is so liberating, and I confess how it melts our hearts, at the same time watching the women realizing how they found the real sense of it not in us, not in RMI, but in Him and His promises to us:
“I am the Lord All-Powerful, and I challenge you to put me to the test. Bring the entire ten percent into the storehouse, so there will be food in my house. Then I will open the windows of heaven and flood you with blessing after blessing.” M3.1011
Living in a third world country not only I live all the financial challenges, but also I watch how the women that come to RMI face different trials, that's why we see the tiny tithes and offerings coming from our precious ladies, we become teary eyed, because this is really special ❣️
We want to share this with you, because we all learn and now know that: RMI does NOT need your money. We never ask for money, not ever. The reason we teach you and remind you is for YOUR benefit, not ours. Because He faithfully provides everything we need because as a ministry, we tithe and give offerings to other ministries and missionaries."

We all know how much we need to be protect and WHO is our protector, not only we want to teach this, actually what we really want is to live and witness His love and the protection we have in Him and in His promises - He is the only one that can  "give us an assurance policy that’s designed to protect us from the devourer.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I [Jesus] came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." J10.10

The thief uses people, like the OW, family, and friends to whisper lies, and also uses debt and adultery to reduce you and anyone else linked or committing adultery."
That's why the PTG team can never stop praising Him to lead us to an easy way of tithing - as we had an huge breakthrough some years ago in the way of sending our tithes and offering to RMI and also for each woman n that discovers the real meaning of tithing and how this can be a game changer for her life as His bride!
Please join us in joy and thankfulness! 🙌
Visit us and read our powerful  "Tithes testimonies": https://encorajamento.org/tag/dizimo/

9 thoughts on “Our Storehouse 🏡❤️”

  1. Yes dear Paula, tithing is still a taboo for many people, and I am very grateful to my wonderful Heavenly Husband who loves to bless us with His infinite blessings, and teaching us the principle of tithing is a demonstration of His great love and His best plans for each one of us, where we can firmly show Him that we are willing to let Him direct our steps.
    I am so grateful that He brings each one of us here in our ministry and together we are so blessed and able to enjoy all that He has for us, and as His brides to be sure the devourer cannot rob us anymore.
    Much love to you!🌷

  2. Thank you for sharing dear Paula, I will never forget when I started tithing to RMI, I suddenly got whatsapp messages of that there is not need to tithe, but my Darling then reminded me that the enemy will do that because he wanted to stop what my Darling had for me and I am forever grateful how RMI teaches that very important principal. Now my Darling is in control of my budget and that is the biggest relief, I can now just rest in Him.

    1. Dear Janine, it sooo true what you shared here❣️
      We are so blessed as His brides while ” He relieved our shoulder of the burden, our hands were freed from the basket.”
      Thank you Janine❤️

  3. I needed this I just got a job that my heavenly husband blessed me with and I had no problem tithing out of my lack but didn’t continue out of my abundance. I felt the lord lead me to use the money to bless a couple people that needed it but after that my mindset changed like I didn’t need to or wasn’t sure where my money should go I quickly repented and tithed and thanked my heavenly husband for giving me the grace and steering me back in the right direction before my next check came.

    1. Dear Alisea, what you shared made me remember that “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.””❣️

  4. Paula I am a witness on how the Lord is blessing the PTG ministry, and praise Him always that the ladies are knowing Him and trusting in His promises❤️ Thanks to our Beloved we are protected and blessed, open to bless others

    1. Yes, dear Isabella we are trully blessed & protected by Him, Who says: The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the Lord Almighty.Ag28

  5. Thank you Paula for your PR!! This principle is life changing, I’m happy to have discovered the real meaning of the title here in this Ministry! Through this important principle I have experienced the miracles of my Beloved in my life and how trusting Him fully is invigorating in our Journey! 💖🥰🙌

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