Praise from Our Men “Rich in Restoring Me Spirituality”

Dear brother (and sister), in each lesson, I have learned to be content in any situation, especially in the most difficult of them, which is what I currently face with my separation.

I praise God, however, for this material because, although it is not always easy to deal with some of the proposals and information, each has been rich in content in restoring me spirituality, in the construction of a new man, with limits and self-control I never possessed, and the restoration of a living faith in me.

This will represent the restoration of my marriage anyway? That’s what I hope, but it represented something much more important – my own personal restoration!

I do not have contact with my wife, but I am back to have, minimum contact, with our daughter.  The deadline she had given me to start divorce is up in 20 days. Still no movement to stop it, however. Is this action the result of God? I do not know, I hope so but either way, I have Him.

~ Daniel RN

Also from Daniel RN

I feel much better in terms of health, faith, and hope. Though I still do not see the marriage restoration, now I see myself as someone much more careful, balanced and submissive to the Lord—even far from what I believed I could be.

The courses have helped me change my attitude, my behavior and my beliefs. And to take care of myself before God in His intimacy is much more important than the restoration itself.

So I press on in search of that restoration before the Lord, knowing that the most important restoration has already been made: mine.

Praise be to God, the Almighty Creator of the Universe! God is so good, His love reached me and He has taught through this crisis, resulting in a changed life daily.

I’m in the third month of the course, but I’m going through A Wise Man again tomorrow because I reviewed the entire first book, lesson by lesson.

God showed me the importance of having an ongoing connection with Him, where the search for more intimacy is now what’s most important. I have had a lot of thirst for God. I have noted some verse in lessons in my notebook and prayed over them seeing the results. I seek a degree of intimacy with God where I will meet Him with the fullness of all things. I also prayed for God to give me chances to live the truths He has taught me. All honor and glory be to God—He has!

~ Rodrigo in São Paulo

Also from Rodrigo in São Paulo

Glory to God in the highest! God is so good and wonderful. He has taught me so much through the lessons of  “A Wise Man”. I have seen how far God’s will is for the marital relationship and parenthood. It’s amazing that God is teaching me so many things about how to become an obedient servant, whether in relation with a wife and husband, in the parent-child relationship, or even with my family and friends. Sometimes I feel like I’m being born now for the first time and learning all over again. Many people have come to me asking for guidance and help, and God has been merciful and helped all who do not give up. I have seen God speak through me several times with many different people through the most different methods (praise, word, devotionals, parts, books). I love living this experience and I ask God what I can continue doing in His service.

May God bless all who can read these words and never give up on God or his family. No matter the time and circumstances. Look for total satisfaction in God to support the way. In the name of Jesus, He will give …